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Stark candidate choices for Egypt voters
17.06.2012 [CBS News] - "Our problem is not the candidate," said boycotter Ahmed Fouad. "It's the whole process we see that we have no hope to move one step forward to democracy

Egypts Fractious Presidential Race Reflects a Country Deeply Divided
15.06.2012 [Daily Beast] - ... in one of Egypt's dusty drab hamlets, and up seven flights of dingy stairs, sits a rotund and slick Ahmed Fouad Baddar, surrounded by a ring of grimacing men.

Yahoo ordered to appear in Egyptian court
13.06.2012 [Egypt Independent] - “Ahmed Fouad claimed that he was trying to help us, saying that the best thing I could do now ... Sherbiny says that Ahmed Fouad also pressured to her resign.

MPs urged to stage sit-in for political isolation enforcement
12.06.2012 [Egypt Independent] - The demand was voiced in a statement signed by authors Alaa Al Aswany and Sonallah Ibrahim, poets Ahmed Fouad Negm, Abdel Rahman Yusuf and Tamim

Cultural centres revive memory of revolutionary singer
06.06.2012 [Ahram Online] - Share/Bookmark . Sheikh Imam and Ahmed Fouad Negm duo. The Saad Zaghloul Cultural Centre in Cairo and the Al-Kabina Cultural Centre in Alexandria are

Google News: GAA signs lease deal for new A330 simulator for Bahrain

03.06.2012 [Arabian Aerospace] - PICTURED (L-R) Mahmood Al Balooshi, Waleed Abdulla Rashdan, Maisarh Yaseen ,Ahmed Fouad Darwish, Ahmed Hatam and Moath Al Shaikh. * required

Google News: After Egypt's Presidential Elections, Can We Expect Changes in ...

29.05.2012 [] - Ahmed Fouad Bakr on May 30 2012 said: Good One and straight to point. Meleiha Area used to be Phillips Petroleum Co. Old Discovery in the late sixties and

Google News: Press Release No. 5 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

24.05.2012 [] - They were: Karim Mahmoud, Ahmed Fouad, Hany Abdel-Aleem Mabrouk and Ahmed Ali Yusuf. The Legal Committee of Dr. Morsi's campaign has filed two

Ahmed Fouad Negm, Egypt's 'poet of the people,' dies at 84 -
Ahmed Fouad Negm, Egypt's "poet of the people" whose biting political verses inspired rebellion and taunted successive regimes for decades, ...

Ahmed Fouad Negm, Egypt’s ‘poet of the people,’ dies at …
Ahmed Fouad Negm, Egypt’s “poet of the people” whose sharply political verses in colloquial Arabic skewered the country’s leaders and inspired protesters from ...

Ahmed Fouad Negm | The Times
Egyptian poet who provoked rulers from Nasser to Mubarak

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Egypt lost another great: Protest poet Ahmed Fouad Negm died at 84 |...
Renowned Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm died on Tuesday morning at the age of 84, publisher Mohammed Hashem confirmed to Ahram Online.Hashem said his last call...

Ahmed Fouad Negm - Bio, News, Photos - Washington Times
Latest news and commentary on Ahmed Fouad Negm including photos, videos, quotations, and a biography.

Egypt's best known satirical poet Ahmed Fouad Negm dies at 84 | Fox...
Egypt's best known satirical poet, Ahmed Fouad Negm, has died at the age of 84.

Ahmed Fouad Negm Quotes | Times of India
Latest on Ahmed Fouad Negm : Ahmed Fouad Negm Quotes and News Quotes on The Times of India.

Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, voice of a nation, dies at 84 -...
CAIRO -- His verses spoke of the sufferings of ordinary people. And they struck a powerful chord. Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, beloved as a colloquial but...

Ahmed Fouad Negm dies at age 84 | Reuters
Prominent Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, renowned for his witty criticism of authorities in Egypt, passed away on Tuesday at age 84, state media reported.

Guardian: Egypt's 'poet of the people' Ahmed Fouad Negm dies at 84 | World news...

Satirical poet's unvarnished reflections on Egyptian life inspired generations of young to push for change, including 2011 uprising

Ahmed Fouad II, Egypt's Lonely King Without a Throne - WSJ
He ruled Egypt for a year as an infant and now mourns the past in Switzerland; caught in a new nostalgia for the monarchy.

Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm dies - Telegraph
Egypt protest poet Ahmed Fouad Negm has died at the age of 84

Ahmed Fouad Negm, Dissident Poet of Egypt’s Underclass, Dies at 84 -...
06/12/2013 · CAIRO — Ahmed Fouad Negm, an Egyptian poet whose irreverent writing, forged by poverty and prison, lacerated Egypt’s strongmen, gave voice to its ...

Ahmed Fouad Negm: Poet whose revolutionary work inspired decades of...
Ahmed Fouad Negm was Egypt's poet of revolution, inspiring protesters from the 1970s through to the current uprisings with sharply political verses excoriating...

Unw(RAP)ping African Revolution
11.05.2012 The greater soundtrack would certainly include Egyptian poetry in song, e.g. “Egyptian Intifada” by the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm and Sheikh Imam (below), and traditional mainstream music like “Le Vote” by Ousmane “Ouza” ...

Ahmed Fouad Negm - obituary - Telegraph
Ahmed Fouad Negm was an impoverished hero of Egyptian letters who relentlessly challenged authority but all too often paid the price

Ahmed Fouad Negm - Daily News Egypt
On 3 December, a group of friends and family bid their final farewells to Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. The funeral procession began after prayers at ...

Ahmed Fouad Negm | Cairo Post
CAIRO: Journalist and translator Mona Anis, who translated poems of the late poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, said she is going to the Netherlands' royal palace to.

Culture in Action: Ahmed Fouad Negm, De Balie
Ahmed Fouad Negm was a master poet, a fearless social and political critic, and beloved advocate of the poor and the disenfranchised. Winkelwagen; Login; Pers; Over;

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