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Gucci-Crazy Chinese Fuel Soaring Shop Rents in Hong Kong
[Bloomberg] Kong's biggest publicly traded realtor, for its more than 300 branches in the city rose 30 percent in from a year earlier, as rental accounted for percent of its total costs, up from 9.7 percent, according to deputy chairman Angela Wong.

My way
[Hong Kong Standard] - "I must say I am one of the lucky few," said Angela Wong Ching-yi, 31, deputy chairman of Midland Realty (1200). Although Wong is the daughter of Midland chairman and founder Freddie Wong Kin-yip, her career did not flow as smoothly as people assumed.

Mainland Chinese Occupy Less in Hong Kong's New Home Market
[Bloomberg] - “With credit tightening, Chinese homebuyers are having more difficulties borrowing to invest,” said Angela Wong, an executive director at Midland in Hong Kong. “There's also a huge pent-up demand being released among local Hong Kong buyers

[中金在线] - 美联集团驻香港执行董事Angela Wong指出,中国内地信贷收紧是这种趋势的推动因素之一,内地购房客通过贷款进行房屋投资的难度越来越大;与此同时,香港本地买家在经历较长期的观望后,需求也正在不断释放出来。 数据显
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