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Obama Campaign Defends Email Deluge
19.10.2012 [Forbes] - Obama Campaign Email. In September, the Obama campaign sent an email from its chief operating officer, Ann Marie Habershaw, promoting a 'Dinner with Barack' contest. “I've got to be honest,” she wrote, “I don't care who wins this last Dinner with

Obama raises $71 million in June - POLITICO
  In an email to donors, the Obama campaign announces that it has raised $71 million in June.

June Fundraising: Romney Trounces Obama - Business Insider
09.07.2012 The email, from Chief Operating Officer Ann Marie Habershaw, displays some of the concern we've seen over the past month, as the Obama campaign has furiously sent out email after email urging supporters to donate: ...

Barack Obama: First president who fails to raise as much money as...
'I will be the first president in modern history to be outspent in his re-election campaign," Obama wrote to supporters recently. How did Obama go from...