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I-BuzzAbout: Antonietta Meo the youngest saint in history!?
19.12.2007 Antonietta Meo was just six-and-a-half years old when she lost her battle against bone cancer. But in the final months of her life she began writing letters to Jesus which theologians have declared to be "extraordinary", and the ...

A thorn in the pew: Antonietta Meo
20/12/2007 · Antonietta Meo Nennolina She told her mother: "When I suffer, I immediately think of Jesus so I don't suffer anymore! It's simple not to suffer: ...

SDPV: ANTONIETTA MEO, cada passo por Jesus
03.07.2010 ANTONIETTA MEO, cada passo por Jesus. Nennolina, como era carinhosamente conhecida, foi declarada venerável por Bento XVI em Dezembro de 2007, sendo apresentada como modelo de inspiração para as crianças.

Watch Out For The Baobabs
Antonietta Meo "Pain is like fabric, the stronger it is, the more it's worth." "When you feel pain, you have to keep quiet and offer it to Jesus for a sinner.