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CVRD directors are the cause of the salaries spiralling out of › news › cvrd-directors-are-the-caus...
North Cowichan's three directors on the CVRD, Mayor Lefebure, and councillors Ruth Hartmann and Barb Lines offered no support for North ...
Brrrr and Grrrr are two thoughts that come to mind. The calendar says Spring, now if only the weather would cooperate! I’m ready to see bright green gra

Lefebure edges Walker by 22 votes in North Cowichan mayoral race –...
Former North Cowichan mayor Jon Lefebure is mayor again.

Locals attend ACFU celebration | Border › News › Local News
LOCALS: Rod Flintoff, Jan Flintoff, Heather Cousins, Barb Lines, ... Heather Cozens, Barb Lines, Denise Schreiber and Sandy Hausler of Keith ...
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