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United States Patent Patent No.: of Patent: *Jan.
(12) United States Patent Jobs et al. (54) TOUCH SCREEN DEVICE, METHOD, AND ... (US); Bas Ording, San Francisco, CA (US); Gregory Novick, Santa Clara, CA

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Bas Ording User Interface Designer at Apple - 1998 to 2013. Listed as inventor on 133 patents, all under Apple Notable patents: - bounce back ...

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Greg Christie patents ... Inventors: Bas Ording, Scott Forstall, Greg Christie 02/24/11 - 20110043527 - Portable electronic device with multi-touch input

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Bas Ording Patents. Inventor: Ording; Bas. Address: San Francisco, CA. No. of patents: 133. Patents: 1 2 3. Patent Number: Title Of Patent: Date Issued: D660864: