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Expert warns computer search bodes ill in spy case
25.01.2012 [] - Bradley Manning did to siphon off material and hopefully go unnoticed." Manning is the US soldier accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to online whistleblower WikiLeaks. Unlike the Cold War, when listening devices were the

Guardian: Bradley Manning moves step closer to full court martial

12.01.2012 [The Guardian] - Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of having been the source of the massive WikiLeaks dump of state secrets, is one step closer towards the possibility of spending the rest of his life in military confinement after the officer who presided over

Guardian: This week's new theatre and dance

07.01.2012 [The Guardian] - All this as Bradley Manning, the US soldier responsible for releasing the classified information to Wikileaks, faces the courts and Assange seeks to deal with charges emanating from Sweden. Theatre 503, SW11, Tue to 3 Feb MC In case you haven't noticed

Google News: How Anonymous stepped up its activity over Christmas

03.01.2012 [SC Magazine UK] - It concluded this statement with a demand that US soldier Bradley Manning be released immediately. He was also referenced in other statements over the holiday period. While nobody expected Anonymous, or any other hacktivist group for that matter