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Video & Audio Bradley Manning

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Bradley Manning Is Now Chelsea Manning And... - YouTube
▶ 6:50"Bradley Manning, sentenced to 35 years in military prison for the biggest breach of classified U.S. documents ...

Julian Assange Talks to VICE About Bradley Manning and Political ...
Our visit coincided with the conviction of Bradley Manning, the young US Army private whose alleged espionage put WikiLeaks on the map. Assange spoke to ...

BlinkX Video: Who is Bradley Manning?

CNN's Barbara Starr reports on new details about the soldier suspected of leaking Afghanistan war documents. - 08.05.2010, CNN

BlinkX Video: Is Bradley Manning really the enemy?

Jane Hamsher of and Pfc. Bradley Manning’s friend David House explain whether Manning has been treated unfairly after being accused of giving documents to... - 03.03.2011, MSNBC

BlinkX Video: John Kerry reacts to Bradley Manning's prison conditions

Mass. senator says it's possible authorities are trying to protect Manning from self-inflection - 03.06.2011, NECN

Bradley Manning - YouTube
Dateline profiles Bradley Manning, as he awaits trial over leaking the secret US cables, which were later published on WikiLeaks. For more on this report by ...

BlinkX Video: The Forgotten Man: Bradley Manning (2011) 3/3 The inside story of the security breach that enraged the American Government, and a profile of the man who made it all possible. While WikiLeaks boss... - 02.15.2011, YouTube

BlinkX Video: 419QTConversion event 10 Bradley Manning

419QTConversion event 10 Bradley Manning - 09.02.2010, Blip

Story behind Bradley Manning - Documentary - YouTube
Story behind Bradley Manning, According to an investigative Documentary produced by the Guardian. Bradley Manning, the man held over the leaking of confident...

BlinkX Video: PJ Crowley Resigns Over Manning Comments

From ABCau: US State Department official PJ Crowley has resigned after criticising the detainment of alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning. Powered by - 03.14.2011, Newslook

BlinkX Video: The Torture of Private Bradley Manning

Ron Kuby and the Judge debate whether Manning?s treatment by the military amounts to torture and whether leaking government information the way Manning is alleged to have done is... - 03.09.2011, YahooFinance

BlinkX Video: Defending Bradley Manning

David House, a friend of PFC Bradley Manning, and federal public defender Brian Mizer talk about the treatment of the man accused of sending top secret documents to Wikileaks... - 01.31.2011, MSNBC

Cass McCombs - Bradley Manning - YouTube
Bradley Manning by Cass McCombs. Director: Bradley Beesley Available digitally and on a limited edition 7

BlinkX Video: Frontline Explores Life of Bradley Manning, Story Behind WikiLeaks

More: Hari Sreenivasan talks to Frontline producer Martin Smith about special "WikiSecrets". It explores the two men responsible for the biggest intelligence leak in US... - 05.24.2011, YouTube

BlinkX Video: David Rovics - Song for Bradley Manning

David Rovics performs his newly written "Song for Bradley Manning" in this video. Bradley E. Manning is a United States Army soldier who was charged in July 2010 with the... - 01.26.2011, Blip

BlinkX Video: US WikiLeaks soldier moved to new prison

Bradley Manning, the US Army private suspected of giving classified data to WikiLeaks, is being moved to a state-of-the-art facility at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, a pentagon... - 04.20.2011, ITN

I am Bradley Manning (full HD) - YouTube
▶ 4:40Produced and directed by Logan Price (@kstrel) and Ana Nogueira (@ananogger) as volunteers, with help ...

BlinkX Video: Jeh Johnson - Bradley Manning to be moved to Leavenworth

Jeh Johnson - Bradley Manning to be moved to Leavenworth - 04.20.2011, Blip

BlinkX Video: Day 2 Of Bradley Manning’s Hearing; Prosecutors Present Evidence Amidst Protests

It's the second day of a hearing to determine whether Bradley Manning will stand trial for leaking thousands of classified documents to the website, WikiLeaks. - 12.18.2011, CBSBaltimore

BlinkX Video: Wikileaks: première comparution de Bradley Manning devant la justice militaire américaine

Le jeune soldat américain accusé d'être la taupe de Wikileaks a comparu pour la première fois devant la justice militaire ce vendredi près de… - 12.16.2011, EuroNewsFR

I am Bradley Manning - YouTube
Share this video and share your voice: Learn more and get involved: Bradley Manning is the accused Wi...

BlinkX Video: ABC Exposes Egomaniacal Julian Assange... WikiLeaks 'Dictator' Backstabbed/Lied to Private Bradley M...

Tweet ABC Exposes Egomaniacal Julian Assange... WikiLeaks 'Dictator' Backstabbed/Lied to Private Bradley Manning [12-13-10]. Download & Convert This Video FREE! - 12.15.2010, LiveLeak

BlinkX Video: Assange Denies Knowledge of Bradley Manning's Involvement

Assange Denies Knowledge of Bradley Manning's Involvement Frontline Club - The Frontline Club Following the leak by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks of almost 400,000 secret US... - 12.29.2010, FORAtvPolitics

BlinkX Video: BITEapr27

Free Bradley Manning and the off-shore prison that smells like a concentration camp ... click to download ... - 04.27.2011, Submission

Bradley Manning Trial Update - YouTube
Updates on the trial of Private Bradley Manning for allegedly leaking classified documents to the Julian Assange founded Wikileaks are provided by Cenk Uygur...

BlinkX Video: Statement on the New York story and Bradley Manning Video transcript: - 07.05.2011, YouTube

BlinkX Video: GRITtv: Nancy Goldstein: Losing Sleep over Bradley Manning

Phone home, Mr. President. Laurence Tribe, the legendary constitutional law professor, is really ticked off with you. That should be some kind of wake up call. Because he was your... - 04.14.2011, Blip

BlinkX Video: Protesters: WikiLeaks suspect a 'hero'

Protesters gather outside Quantico Marine Corps Base to protest the treatment of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. - 03.21.2011, CNN

Bradley Manning: Hero or villain? - YouTube
President Obama has defended conditions in a Marine Corps jail for Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, who is accused of leaking classified government documents to Wiki...

BlinkX Video: Recent M.I.T. grad denies role in leak of documents

The man tells the Boston Globe that he met Army Private Bradley Manning in Boston and also exchanged numerous E-mails - 08.01.2010, NECN

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