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Twitter Posts: Greta (Viasmom)

2011.09.04 RT @keder: PREDICTION: Neither Chris Christie nor Sarah Palin will be the Republican nominee in 2012.

Chris Christie Meet the Press Interview: NJ Governor Tries to Rescue Romney ...
01.10.2012 [PolicyMic] - The dog days are far from over for Mitt Romney's imploding presidential candidacy. That's why the weekend before the first presidential debate the GOP is deploying blunt New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the set of the Sunday morning talk political

Los republicanos centran su esperanza en el primer debate ...
02.10.2012 [CNN Mé] - Tanto el gobernador de Nueva Jersey, Chris Christie, como el senador John McCain dijeron que esperan que Romney brille cuando por primera vez comparta en Denver el escenario con el presidente Barack Obama. “Tenemos un candidato que se va a

Newark, Teachers Union Expected to Sign Contract
17.10.2012 [Wall Street Journal (blog)] - Chris Christie that would use merit bonuses to attract teachers to the toughest schools while giving teachers a role in grading each other. The contract, which will be partially funded by the foundation started by Facebook Inc. 's Mark Zuckerberg

Jon Huntsman would 'absolutely' run as Michele Bachmann's VP
23.08.2011 [100gf | Politics and Computers] - In recent days, others have speculated that a Bachmann tie-up with Herman Cain could be a good bet, and that Mitt Romney might opt for someone like Chris Christie. Rick Perry, meanwhile, is probably tough enough to be his own VP.

Why did Chris Christie forget to put sheriffs in his pension-reform ... - The Star-Ledger
15.10.2012 [ (blog)] - A New Jersey Watchdog investigation found that 17 county sheriffs and 34 undersheriffs collectively receive $9.1 million a year — $3.7 million in retirement pay plus $5.4 million in salaries — using loopholes ignored by Gov. Chris Christie's pension

Twitter Posts: Vernon Lawrence (intranautt)

2011.09.04 Chris Christie 'Actively.. Considering Getting In This Race': Bush Aide via @huffingtonpost

Florida senator Marco Rubio tight-lipped on chances of vice presidency bid
24.08.2011 [100gf | Politics and Computers] - ... just as interesting as the battle to be the presidential candidate. Many expect the VP candidate to be drawn from the current pool of presidential candidates, although the likes of Rubio, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan remain fairly good options as well.

Chris Christie digs a hole for future taxpayers
30.09.2012 [ (blog)] - It was none other than Chris Christie, the man many Republicans wanted to see run against the president this year. Those same Republicans were outraged when Obama spent billions on stimulus. They accused the president of employing the Keynesian trick

Twitter Posts: Blanche V. Mercaldi (tammytabby)

2011.09.04 Obama tours flood damage -- with Chris Christie via @usatoday

Release the records in the Guadagno double-dipping case
16.10.2012 [ (blog)] - Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno: They owe us an explanation about what looks like a falsification of records. (Saed Hindash/The Star-Ledger). I wrote the other day about the need to abolish the office of sheriff in light of all the patronage

Twitter Posts: bob newton (ringtonking)

2011.09.04 Ocean County Receives Disaster Declaration: Chris Christie announced Sunday that Ocean County has been declared ...

Don't demote New Jersey's judges: Opinion - The Star-Ledger
16.10.2012 [ (blog)] - Chris Christie gets his way, that won't be the case after Nov. 6. There is a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would give the governor the ability, with help from the Legislature, to selectively target the judiciary for disproportionate

Twitter Posts: john smith (DashfourCash)

2011.09.04 Ocean County Receives Disaster Declaration: Chris Christie announced Sunday that Ocean County has been declared ...

Gov. Christie's mixed history with Brzezinski-Hoffer family - The Star-Ledger
30.09.2012 [ (blog)] - chris-christie-oboyle.JPG John O'Boyle/The Star-LedgerGov. Chris Christie. Gov. Chris Christie never fails to get a fawning reception from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski when he appears on the MSNBC program “Morning Joe.” But not everyone in the

Twitter Posts: Charles (Aribia8)

2011.09.04 RT @JElvisWeinstein: Chris Christie was considering entering the presidential race but then he found out the White House has stairs.

Opinion: Christie's 'compromise' on Adoptees' birthright bill unfair - The Star-Ledger
30.09.2012 [ (blog)] - Chris Christie blurted to the crowd gathered at his town hall meeting in Denville last February. When asked why he conditionally vetoed the Adoptees' Birthright Bill (A1406) in June 2011, he claimed “birth parents' privacy” was his main concern. His

Twitter Posts: Hilde Restad (hilderestad)

2011.09.04 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: the Republican establishment's savior in the prez race?

Twitter Posts: ben schwartz (benschwartzy)

2011.09.04 Sooner or later, Chris Christie jokes will just have to be placed in the "found humor" column.

Twitter Posts: Sir_Templar

2011.09.04 #tcot #drudge Bush Aide: Chris Christie Is 'Actively' Considering 2012 Presidential Bid

Twitter Posts: Raphael (raphaelptw)

2011.09.04 RT @DCPlod: I have a reluctant respect for Chris Christie. /// Could be worse. I have a reluctant respect for Bachmann.

Twitter Posts: King Gonad (King_Gonad)

2011.09.04 RT @DCPlod: I have a reluctant respect for Chris Christie.

Twitter Posts: Angela Lindsey (AFaithL)

2011.09.04 RT @NolteNC: Why is Chris Christie TOYING with us, playing HIDE-N-SEEK? There'll be NO MONEY/STAFF. Too late! Too laaaaaaatttteeee!!! #SmartSetYouSoFunny

Twitter Posts: Kennedy Craig Smith (TheKennedySmith)

2011.09.04 What is up w/Bush aides? Every week "guess who else might jump in?" Ain't foolin nobody RT @allahpundit Hmmmmmm @WenB71

Twitter Posts: SheepleEater

2011.09.04 Chris Christie 'Actively Considering' Joining 2012 Ra... he's too fat to be leading this nation, wait maybe he's perfect

Twitter Posts: Big Ernie (SourceofInfo1)

2011.09.04 RT @JoanieGentian: 'Obama is being hosted on his tour by NJ Gov Chris Christie who has nothing but praise 4 the way Obama has handled post storm efforts' #NPR

Twitter Posts: sohn lewis (sohnsohn)

2011.09.04 be fooled peeps, he is not good looking enough plus he doesn't drink tea.

Twitter Posts: PeterWKaplan (real_kaplan)

2011.09.04 The only thing he's actively weighing is 300 lbs! RT @benschwartzy "Gerson said Chris Christie was 'actively' weighing the...

Twitter Posts: Wendy B (WenB71)

2011.09.04 Holy cow! RT @allahpundit Hmmmmmm

Google Groups: Gov. Chris Christie: 'This is who I am' - Andy Barr ...

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