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Cops get tough with festive lawbreakers | IOL News
Area commissioner Corrie Naude said New Year festivities at the Union Buildings were expected to be the largest of the 10 major bashes ...

Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race: Loft Report - Hot Spot Car Race...
This was then also the opinion of both Jan Venter and Corrie Naude who felt that with east in the wind a speed of between 60 and 65 km/hour (38 and 40 miles/hour) would be the order of the day.

Sun City MDPR 2012: Team Ruhr - Schink (Germany) win 16th SCMDPR |...
Corrie Naude, race trainer and the person who oversees the liberation, just came back and reported that a hard race is expected. He said that on his way back,
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