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BlinkX Video: Paulson's Market Diagnosis

WSJ's David Wessel delivers news from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who talked publicly for the first time since credit market woes began, saying "some entities might vanish." , WSJ

BlinkX Video: WSJ Editor Likens Economic Relief to Surgery - David Wessel

Complete video at: fora.tv David Wessel likens Ben Bernanke's efforts to avoid an economic depression to a surgeon struggling to save a patient on the operating table. Comparing , YouTube

BlinkX Video: Gerald Ford's Political Legacy

WSJ's David Wessel looks at the legacy of President Gerald R. Ford , webvideo

BlinkX Video: Why Treasury and Fed Backing Fannie, Freddie

WSJ's David Wessel tells Paul Lin why Washington and the Federal Reserve wanted to shore up confidence in mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by providing financial , WSJ