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Google News: Children with Ehlers Danlos Face Severe Food Allergy Risk

[eMaxHealth] - By Deborah Mitchell on March 4, :55am for eMaxHealth Life is already difficult for children who have Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which is characterized by joint hypermobility, cardiovascular issues, and other problems. Now a new study indicates

Google News: Making Someone Shut Up Is Easy with SpeechJammer

[eMaxHealth] - By Deborah Mitchell on March 3, :43am for eMaxHealth It sounds like something from a sci fi movie, but it's for real. That something is called SpeechJammer, a device invented by two researchers in Japan that can make a person shut up in

[] - The crisscross of Angelenos includes Ryan (Dane Cook), a moody shrink cheating on his fertility-challenged, lawyer wife (Elizabeth Mitchell) with an earthy rocker chick (Aja Volkman); a former police cadet (Erik Palladino) still grieving for his late

Google News: Breastfeeding Update Stresses Health over Lifestyle Choice

[eMaxHealth] - By Deborah Mitchell on March 2, :18am for eMaxHealth Smoke or don't smoke, vegetarian or meat eater, exercise daily or be a couch potato—these are lifestyle choices people make. However, according to an updated policy statement from the
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