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Senseless killings and brazen art heists
[Independent Online] - The robbers then proceeded to take Irma Stern's Fishing Boats (1931) valued at R9m, Gerard Sekoto's Street Scene (R7m), Maggie Laubser's Cat and Petunias (1936) valued at R1m, Hugo Naude's Hottentot Chief (R ) and Pierneef's Eland and Bird

Google News: Returned paintings in storage

[The New Age Online] - Although Maggie Laubser's Cat and Petunias, Hugo Naude's Hottentot Chief, Irma Stern's Fishing Boats and JH Pierneef's guache painting on paper titled Eland and Bird have all been returned to the museum, they are behind locked doors while a continuing

Thieves in South Africa steal $2M worth of art
... by Gerard Sekoto, a thick-stroked oil painting of a chief by Hugo Naude and a picture of a cat near a vase full of petunias by Maggie Laubser.

Thieves produce 'shopping list' of paintings at South African art...
Thieves entered a South African art gallery as paying visitors before holding staff up at gunpoint and producing a
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