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Meet The Nahuales, The Legendary Mesoamerican Shapeshifters
(Photo by Derek Simeone) Sure, not all Nahuales were suitable to be revered as divine guardians, but, good or bad, they all commanded fear and respect. You see, Mesoamerican cultures were faithful believers of tonalism, according to which every individual has an animal counterpart.

США: сначала унижали полицию, а теперь просят их защитить ...
· (сс) Derek Simeone « Когда-то Сиэтл был тусовочным, веселым городом с бурлящим настроением во многих районах. Теперь это не что иное, как унизительный город, управляемый либералами.

NPR: How Seattle's police chief navigated city's protests - University › news › articles › npr-how-seattles-police-chief-navigated-cit...
Aug 5, · ... at top: A protestor stands before Seattle police officers during the George Floyd protests in Seattle, WA. Photo by Derek Simeone/(CC BY 2.0) ...

Report finds pandemic erodes 80 democracies | Arete › NEWS
Oct 2, · A U.S. protestor speaks with a line of police officers during the George Floyd protests in Seattle, Wash. in late May (AN/Derek Simeone).
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