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Mean reversion cycle
[Business Standard] - We have read about management professor Douglas McGregor's X and Y theory of human behaviour at work. The X theory suggests employees need to be taken to task and Y is about dealing with self-motivated employees. How could you rebuke people and get

The Human Side of Enterprise (1960), by Douglas McGregor - The
Before Douglas McGregor's seminal work on management, employees were often presumed to be lazy and unmotivated. As a result, conventional wisdom held,...

Douglas McGregor | HeraldScotland
Born: April 14, 1939; Died: October 4, 2014

Nine strategies to awaken your motivation :: Freelance UK
Maybe, as Douglas McGregor and others have suggested, we should give ourselves our own performance reviews. Here's how. Figure out your goals— mostly learning goals, but also a few performance goals— and then every month, call yourself ...
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