Dusten Brown and Charleston Free People Check 

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SC Supreme Court upholds return of Native American girl to home in ...

26.07.2012 The girl's father, Dusten Brown, a member of the Cherokee Nation, later went to court seeking custody. A South Carolina court awarded Brown custody of the child, and he arrived in Charleston on New Year's Eve with his ...

Two-year old caught in a battle of federalism

Here’s a heart-wrenching story out of Charleston, South Carolina. Two-year old Veronica Capobianco was loaded up into a car seat and hauled off to Oklahoma

Veronica may not be saved | WCIV

A child removed from the home of her adoptive parents on terms legal by the Indian Child Welfare Act is not expected to return to Charleston.

Couple's fight for daughter in the hands of SC Supreme Court - WCSC

17.04.2012 The case pits a Charleston couple, who's raised 2-year-old Veronica since birth, against the child's biological father, Dusten Brown. He's a Cherokee Nation member who took her to Oklahoma late last year after changing his ...