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Elena Aaltonen Elena Abakushina Elena Aguerre Elena Akritova Elena Alessi Elena Alexiu Elena Amiga Elena Angeloni Elena Ataucusi Osorio Elena Barbini Elena Berberich Elena Bernasconi Rovati Elena Bogdanzaliew Elena Bozhilova Elena Buccino Elena Camerin Elena Cebrian Muñoz-Quiros Elena Christoph Elena Cortes-Molina Elena Coviello Elena Crispino Elena Danilyan Elena Devora Elena Diona Elena Dobrea Elena Dominguez-Garcia Elena Duflon Elena Elezova Elena Fera Elena Fernandez Rosete Elena Ferrer Sola Elena Fersman Elena Filin Elena Garman Elena Girina Elena Gv Elena Hill-Layera Elena Hojda Elena Huerta-Morales Elena Ibañez Casares Elena Izquierdo-Cantos Elena Jimenez-Harrane Elena Juska Elena Kati Elena Klistoff Elena Kolgan Elena Konopka Elena Kozber Elena Kuzmanova Elena Kya Elena Laurentiu Elena Lenotti Elena Litovchenko Elena Loghin Elena Lorè Elena Moschou Elena Naletova Elena Nedelcheva Elena Nemes Elena Passeggio Elena Patkova Elena Pavelko Elena Perez-Gomez Elena Pian Elena Pigoli Elena Piliptchak Elena Polly Elena Poverenov Elena Priven Elena Procter Elena Psy Elena Ramos-Guelfo Elena Rosselli Elena Rubio-Aragoneses Elena Rullan Elena Sassi Elena Scorici Elena Sele Elena Shandou Elena Shastina Elena Shchepina Elena Shrestha Elena Sinka Elena Slezkina Elena Strecker Elena Tannoia Elena Theophanous Elena Tishkowski Elena Tres Elena Tritschler Elena Tunaru Elena Ulrich Elena Valverde-Murillo Elena Vello Elena Veronese Elena Viso Elena Zamarueva Elena Zorzan Elena de Miranda Elena del-Valle-Somoano

Information about "Elena"

For this Elena there are 37890 different names on Yasni.

Most common last names for Elena are: Rodriguez, Akbari, Aminova

In the ranking of the most common first names Elena is on position 135.

During the last seven days Elena was searched for 82 times.

Meaning of "Elena"

Female first name (Italian, Spanish): Elena, the beam end; Ancient Greek (Greek mythology), Helen = the torch, the shine, the sun's rays, in Greek Mythology is Helena, the daughter of Zeus and Leda, her abduction was the reason for the Trojan War, the name 'Helios' of the Greek sun god has the same roots Meaning: Sole Source: Greek Name Day: August 18 Color: Yellow Stone: Topaz Metal: Gold And 'one of the most common names in Italy for women, being the fifteenth place, even in the double variant Elena Mary. It 's basically a name thanks to the worship of many Christian saints, the most notorious of which was s. Elena Roman empress, mother of Constantine, who discovered in the Holy Land of the True Cross of Christ, which was reported to Rome, where s. Elena built the Church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. But it is also a array name mythological being Elena daughter of Zeus, wife of Menelaus, abducted by Paris and cause of the Trojan War. The fame of the name, however, was renewed in modern times thanks to the prestige of the Queen of Italy Elena of Savoy, Princess of Montenegro, wife of Vittorio Emanuele III. Confident of his strength and his judgment, Elena the value would need to impose themselves on others. If it does, because it has too much respect for the freedoms of others and self-determination of each.

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