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Indonesia introduces women-only trains

20.08.2010 [Salon] - The anarchist intellectual Emma Goldman thought the fight for suffrage was beside the point -- women should fight for revolution instead of trying to gain

Was Warren Beatty Ever an Important Hollywood Star?

09.08.2010 [The Faster Times] - ... in her Oscar-winning performance as Emma Goldman) except, unfortunately, the two leads - Beatty and then-girlfriend Diane Keaton as, respectively

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25.08.2010 [Beliefnet.com (blog)] - In addition to our regular reflection papers about the women's memoirs we were reading (by Dorothy Day, Emma Goldman, Esther Edwards Burr

Aug. 24-Dec. 17: Library hosts exhibition 'London Bound: American Writers in ...

23.08.2010 [University of Delaware] - ... Emma Lazarus, Edith Wharton, Joseph Pennell and Elizabeth Robins Pennell, Emma Goldman, Clyde Fitch, JM Whistler, Gertrude Atherton, and many others.

Jews in the news

18.08.2010 [St. Louis Jewish Light] - Emma Compton, Stacy Bernstein, Carrie Seleman, Lauren Hasse, Aaron Dayan and Allie Winchell, along with Levine, were all put in the Goldman Union Camp

Emma Goldman - New World Encyclopedia

Emma Goldman, also known as “Red Emma,” was a Lithuanian-born anarchist known for her writings and speeches. She was lionized as an iconic "rebel woman" feminist ...

14th May 1940 – the Death of Emma Goldman | Dorian Cope presents ...

Today we celebrate the extraordinary life of an extraordinary woman – orator, writer, agitator, firebrand and revolutionary anarchist – Emma Goldman. Known as “Red Emma,” “the mother of anarchy in America” and “the most dangerous woman in the world,” she was the most prominent and notorious radical of her day – an ...



Brooklyn Museum: Emma Goldman

A Lithuanian emigrant to the United States, anarchist-feminist Emma Goldman was a central figure in the revolutionary ferment preceding World War I. A popular speaker on topics ranging from atheism to workers' rights to birth control to freedom of speech, her lecture tours attracted large audiences and incurred the wrath of ...

Commemorating Emma Goldman: 'Living My Life' | HowardZinn.org

June 27 marks the birth of Emma Goldman (June 27, 1869–May 14, 1940), an anarchist who was an early advocate of free speech, birth control, women's ...

Character bio — Emma Goldman – RAGTIME at Duke - Sites@Duke

When I was in college (back more years than I am going to admit) I had a Women Who Dared calendar (surprise, surprise!). The highlighted figure for the month of January was none other than Emma Goldman and the image was the one at left from the Library of Congress. When Jeff told me about the ...

Emma Goldman

In Anarchy! An Anthology of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth, Peter Glassgold brings to the page political activist and anarchist Emma ...

Emma Goldman | My Jewish Learning

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Emma Goldman - Ein Leben für die Freiheit (Archiv)

Emma Goldman war eine der wichtigsten Anarchistinnen der USA. Seit den 1890er-Jahren stritt sie für eine freie, sozial gerechte Gesellschaft. Immer wieder...

Emma Goldman - High Plains Chautauqua

Emma Goldman (1869-1940). By Sally Ann Drucker Sponsored by High Plains Library District. Essay Emma Goldman was a renaissance woman. Her methods for political activism ranged from writing to public speaking, but at times were characterized as anarchist, leading her to be bequeathed the title of anarchist.

Emma Goldman - Rochester Wiki

Emma Goldman, also known as Red Emma, settled in Rochester when she emmigrated from Lithuania in 1885. While here, she worked at the Garson Co. textile ...

Emma Goldman - Jewish Virtual Library

Emma Goldman was born in Kovno, Lithuania in 1869 into a religiously traditional household. As a teenager, she was deeply influenced by the Russian anarchist writers Chernyshevsky and Bakunin. When she expressed a desire for further education, her father told her, "Girls don't have to learn much! All a Jewish daughter ...

Emma Goldman | Americans Who Tell The Truth

Emma Goldman was born in Kovno, Russia and emigrated to live with a sister in Rochester, New York when she was fifteen. Her family’s financial hardships forced her ...

Emma Goldman Facts

Emma Goldman facts: ...

Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies - Davis - LocalWiki

The Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies is an art project started by UC Davis Masters of Fine Arts student Steve Lambert. The piece of art that bears ...

Emma Goldman Papers Project Faces Uncertain Future

The 34-year-old Emma Goldman Papers Project is in limbo after losing its affiliation with UC Berkeley and running through its funding. The university cites the...

Emma Goldman in The Man with the Muckrake - Shmoop

Learn how Emma Goldman played a key role in the context of The Man with the Muckrake. Read a biography and get in-depth analysis.

Emma Goldman story to screen at Brattle as part of the DocYard series ...

Her latest work, “Acts and Intermissions: Emma Goldman in America,” is a stylized visual and aural meditation on the social activist and anarchist whom the FBI once termed “the most dangerous woman alive.” Child's 60-minute film uses a variety of techniques — historical and contemporary footage, ...

Emma Goldman

Biography of Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman | - Heritage Toronto

Anarchist, Activist and Author. “The public and university libraries in Toronto were lacking in modern works on the social, education, and psychological problems occupying the best minds. 'We do not buy books we consider immoral,' a local librarian was reported as saying.” –Emma Goldman, Living My Life ...


The Emma Goldman Papers to Receive Hamer-Kegan Award We are happy to announce that The Emma Goldman Papers will receive the 2014 Philip M. Hamer and Elizabeth …

Emma Goldman | Scholastic

Read about Emma Goldman, who was considered to be one of the most influential and uncompromising feminists in American history.

Emma Goldman archival project may close after 34 years | The Daily...

A campus-affiliated project archiving the works of Jewish feminist and anarchist Emma Goldman may come to a close after 34 years due to lack ...

Emma Goldman | Biography, Philosophy and Facts

Emma Goldman Biography - Renowned political activist and anarchist, Emma Goldman, who rebelled against a chauvinistic society by advocating on issues such as peace, free love and b.

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