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Twitter Posts: Justin Gibbs (justin_gibbs)

2010.03.19 First Lean Startup conference from Eric Ries

Eric Ries of The Lean Startup - Entrepreneur on Fire
Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Lean Startup".

I am Eric Ries, entrepreneur and author of "The Lean ...
This is Eric Ries. I'm an entrepreneur and the author of The Lean Startup. I'm writing a new book — two actually. The first one is a field guide for ...

Pathmapp Launches An A/B Testing And Visual Analytics Service For Mobile ...
12.09.2012 [TechCrunch] - As Eric Ries pointed out in a TechCrunch post last year, although many may be familiar with “A/B testing” as a direct marketing technique (what it was initially developed for), it can be an even more powerful tool when used in product development. Of

Scaling is hard: The Akamai case study
07.08.2012 [Fortune (blog)] - The Lean Start-Up movement, as exemplified in Eric Ries' book The Lean Start-Up, has appropriately focused a great deal of attention on the hard decisions and techniques required to create a company from nothing. But once the company has honed in on a

The Daily Start-Up: Storage Start-Ups Find Inspiration in Old-School Mainframes
27.08.2012 [Wall Street Journal (blog)] - “Lean Startup” speaker and consultant Eric Ries wants to see an entrepreneur-friendly alternative to today's stock exchanges. He discusses the need for the idea with PandoDaily. He earlier spoke to Venture Capital Dispatch about the concept, as well as

Is Lean Startup just Agile on Steroids?
07.09.2012 [Techvibes (blog)] - This year every company, small and large, is waking up to the lean startup concepts outlined by Eric Ries in his book, The Lean Startup. Eric makes a strong case that companies are building too much of the wrong things. Many companies spend months

Twitter Posts: Dean Sheffield (info4sheff)

2010.03.19 Web 2.0 Expo Blog » Blog Archive » Eric Ries of Startup Lessons ...

Analytics Company Crazy Egg Acquires The Hello Bar
05.08.2012 [TechCrunch] - while the one at Eric Ries' Startup Lessons Learned points to the video of his Lean Startup track at this year's SXSW. Amee Shah, who runs Crazy Egg's day-to-day operations, says the company was looking for products that were similar to its own “in

'Lean Startup' Author Eric Ries: Big Companies Can Be Bold ...
"Lean Startup" author Eric Ries on his new field guide for managers and what big companies can learn from startups.

Start with a Cofounder. The Idea is Optional
12.09.2012 [Techvibes (blog)] - As Eric Ries and Steve Blank, the pioneers of the lean startup movement popularized: startups often go through significant product direction changes and pivots before they find their product-market fit. Groupon started as, PayPal started

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2010.03.18 RT @w2e: Eric Ries of Startup Lessons Learned Drops Some Knowledge on Us

Still Missing Google Reader's Lost Social Features? Feedspot Can Help
14.08.2012 [TechCrunch] - (Really, even some of Google Reader's original creators volunteered to fix the thing.) “We want to make a perfect social feed reader by understanding exactly how users want it to be,” says Agarwal. “To do that, we are following Eric Ries' Lean Startup

Eric Ries and The Lean Startup – It's Everywhere | Rally ...
With the publishing of Eric Ries' book, The Lean Startup, I can barely go a day without talking to someone about it. Eric clearly executed a lean startup on himself ...

Twitter Posts: Kaitlin Pike (kcpike)

2010.03.18 RT @SarahM: RT @w2e: Eric Ries of Startup Lessons Learned Drops Some Knowledge on Us

Founder Stories) Eric Ries: On 'Vanity Metrics' And 'Success ...
Resuming their conversation from episode I, Chris Dixon asks Lean Startup author Eric Ries to offer evidence of uber successful ...

Eric Ries: On The Internet, No One Knows You're A Dog
The way Eric Ries got his first break in programming is a classic story of supply and demand, with a few sizable white lies tossed in there.

Twitter Posts: Wynn Netherland (pengwynn)

2010.03.18 Eric Ries of Startup Lessons Learned Drops Some Knowledge on Us /via @w2e

Pivotal and Eric Ries: Partners for Enterprise Transformation ...
It is time to improve the practice of software innovation. Since publication of his 2011 best seller, The Lean Startup, Eric Ries has worked to ...

Twitter Posts: Web 2.0 Expo (w2e)

2010.03.18 Eric Ries of Startup Lessons Learned Drops Some Knowledge on Us

The Lean Startup -- a Review of Eric Ries' New Book ...
But, I just finished reading a draft of Eric Ries' new book, The Lean Startup. This is a must read for all internet entrepreneurs and a compelling read for anyone ...

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2010.03.18 Eric Ries (@ericries) teaches us how to run a Lean Startup (Thanks, @web20show!) (via @w2e)

Clarity Live: Lessons from Eric Ries, Author of The Lean ...
Risk is the characteristic that distinguishes a startup from any other type of business. Imagine the experience of quitting a stable, secure job to venture into the ...

Twitter Posts: Kaitlin Pike (kcpike)

2010.03.18 RT @w2e: Eric Ries (@ericries) teaches us how to run a Lean Startup (Thanks, @web20show!)

Twitter Posts: Adam Stacoviak (adamstac)

2010.03.18 Very nice @kcpike .. RT @w2e: Eric Ries (@ericries) teaches us how to run a Lean Startup (Thanks, @web20show!)

Twitter Posts: Web 2.0 Expo (w2e)

2010.03.18 Eric Ries (@ericries) teaches us how to run a Lean Startup (Thanks, @web20show!)

Twitter Posts: Ryan Kelly (pearanalytics)

2010.03.18 @DrMarcNCharlie I love spending time with other entrepreneurs. We like the lean startup methods of Dave McClure and Eric Ries.

Twitter Posts: Salazar @ Teelook (Dakshinamurti)

2010.03.18 Episode 72 - The Lean Startup / Eric Ries

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2010.03.18 Interesting Entrepreneur Blogs 1) Eric Ries 2) Chris Dixon 3) Venture Hacks 4) Marc Andreessen 5) Both sides of...

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2010.03.17 Every startup has a chance 2 change the world, by bringing not just a new product, but an entirely new institution in2 existence. Eric Ries

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