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Somaya Reece: 'Erica Mena Confronted Kimbella To Get A Spot On 'Love & Hip-Hop'
[TaleTela] - Somaya Reece has spoken on the beef between Erica Mena and Kimbella and claims that Erica started the argument to become a regular cast member on Love & Hip-Hop. The groupie was forced to intervene when Erica confronted Kimbella in the latest season of

Google News: MediaTakeOut: 'Love & Hip Hop's' Erica Mena, Drunk and Felt Up by Women!

[Gather Celebs News Channel] - Love & Hip Hop's Erica Mena is probably one of the most beautiful reality stars ever. Sadly, you can take Erica out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of Erica. Mena has proven time and again that her miniature brain gets away with her.

'Love & Hip-Hop's' Erica Mena, Kimbella & Somaya Reece Beef Explodes On Twitter
[TaleTela] - The beef between Love & Hip-Hop leading ladies Kimbella, Somaya Reece and Erica Mena exploded on Twitter shortly after the episode aired on Monday night. Viewers would have seen Kimbella confront Erica at her birthday party about comments she made

'Love' rapped up
[New York Post] episode, an argument between Vanderhee and Erica Mena, a model and singer, turned into a drink-throwing, hair-pulling brawl. “There is some fighting and stuff on the show, but that's what happens when you put certain people in a setting who would
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