George Clooney and President Free People Check 

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Odds shorten on George Clooney becoming US …
British betting house William Hill originally had 200-to-one odds on the actor becoming the next US President. However, following the couple's star-studded nuptials ...

Team Obama goes loony for Clooney - POLITICO
Is the president going too far in his frequent touting of the actor's May fundraiser?

Obama offers dinner with George Clooney
A new twist in the latest win-dinner-with-President-Obama contest sponsored by his re-election campaign.

On sait qui va marier George Clooney et Amal Alamuddin - Elle
Ce n’est pas un scoop, George Clooney est de plus en plus engagé dans la vie politique. Certains lui prêtent même des ambitions présidentielles et l'imaginent...