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Twitter Posts: Dan Binns (binnsy)

2009.06.20 I am the Gordon Gekko of #farmtown. Greed is good.

Shia LaBeouf on Markets: 'You Gotta Know Ticker Names.'
05.06.2009 [Wall Street Journal Blogs] - Shia LaBeouf on Markets: 'You Gotta Know Ticker Names.'Wall Street Journal BlogsMichael Douglas is set to reprise his role as reptilian financial executive Gordon Gekko. And according to the Guardian, Javier Bardem — who won an oscar ...Shia LaBeouf For Wall Street 2 MovieMTV UKWall Street 2 Details LeakPaste MagazineShia Takes Wall St. & InMyFox Los AngelesAceShowbiz -The Press Association -BBC News -Little Aboutall 399 news articles »

E Shia LaBeouf disse: “Steven Spielberg farà Indiana Jones 5!!”
16.06.2009 [ Blog] - LaBeouf ha anche confermato la sua partecipazione al sequel di Wall Street che sarà diretto da Oliver Stone e interpretato nuovamente da Michael Douglas che torna nei panni di Gordon Gekko: s'intitolerà ufficialmente Money Never Sleeps. ...

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2009.06.20 Just learned from new client, this is a 'working weekend'. Was it Gordon Gekko who said,"money never sleeps". Think my alarm clock went off.

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2009.06.19 my grad day begins today with a tea and putting on my Gordon Gekko suit.

Twitter Posts: Tyler Hayes (the_real_tyler)

2009.06.19 The original, by @ragaraja: Wall Street's Gordon Gekko owning a cell phone doesn't mean he's rich; it means he's alive. #newmediaoldstories

Twitter Posts: Mike Neighbors (coachneighbors)

2009.06.19 I won't get to see a second of it with the start of Team Camp being today.. #31.. Wall Street. Gordon Gekko one of films great characters

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2009.06.19 New Blog post Gordon Gekko Gets His Daughter In WALL STREET Sequel MONEY NEVER SLEEPS ...

Twitter Posts: William, CPU Media (billcpu)

2009.06.19 Gordon Gekko is a great man. Michael Douglas is a jerk.

Twitter Posts: William, CPU Media (billcpu)

2009.06.19 @Bettiol "If you want a friend, buy a dog." --Gordon Gekko

Twitter Posts: The HSX Dude (thehsxdude)

2009.06.18 Carey Mulligan joins the cast of Wall Street 2 as Gordon Gekko's daughter

Twitter Posts: Alain Saffel (alainsaffel)

2009.06.18 Gordon Gekko - I like the bit at the end about greed saving the other malfunctioning corporation called the USA.

Twitter Posts: Alain Saffel (alainsaffel)

2009.06.18 @tkells wait. "greed... is good. greed is right. greed works." (Thank you Gordon Gekko) So, don't worry. ;)

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2009.06.18 Answer. 'lunch is for wimps' was made famous by Gordon Gekko (alias Micheal Duglas)

Twitter Posts: Apollo DeLorean (ApolloDeLorean)

2009.06.18 If u don't kno who Gordon Gekko is, Bing him lol

Twitter Posts: Apollo DeLorean (ApolloDeLorean)

2009.06.18 Excited for today and this weekend....makin moves, studio tonight, workin a bball tourney down the shore this weekend...on my Gordon Gekko..

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2009.06.18 Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. -Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

Twitter Posts: Captain Stevens (toomarvelous)

2009.06.18 @karaswisher I'm just waiting for the new Gordon Gekko movie to turn things around. You know, like the last time.

Twitter Posts: Captain Stevens (toomarvelous)

2009.06.18 @toomarvelous I'm just waiting for the new Gordon Gekko movie to turn things around. You know, like the last time.

Twitter Posts: Adam Gillman (AdamGillman)

2009.06.18 "Greed is Good" by Fareed Zakaria (not Gordon Gekko).

Twitter Posts: jglynn

2009.06.17 Missing Gordon Gekko? Mark your calendars for Wall Street 2

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Wikiquote Quotes: Wall Street (1987 film) - Wikiquote

Gordon Gekko . A fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar. Lunch? Aw, you gotta be kidding. Lunch is for wimps. The most valuable commodity I know ...

Wikiquote Quotes: Gordon Gekko - Wikiquote

Personaje de la película Wall Street (Oliver Stone, 1987). La película muestra el mundo de las Altas Finanzas de Wall Street, el corazón financiero de Nueva York y ...

Wikiquote Quotes: Wall Street - Wikiquote

[modifica] Frasi. Ferro azzurro ama Anacott Acciaio. (Gordon Gekko) Tu e io siamo uguali, Darien. Abbastanza intelligenti da non credere al più antico dei miti: l'amore.

Wikipedia: Gordon Gekko - Wikipedia

Gordon Gekko is een personage uit de populaire film Wall Street uit 1987 . De rol van Gordon Gekko wordt in de film gespeeld door Michael Douglas , die ...

Wikipedia: Gordon Gekko - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Gordon Gekko es un empresario y el principal antagonista de las películas Wall Street y Wall Street 2: El dinero nunca duerme , ambas producidas y ...

Wikipedia: Wall Street (1987) – Wikipedia

Wall Street ist ein Kinofilm aus dem Jahr 1987, der von Oliver Stone geschrieben und inszeniert wurde. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Handlung 2 Hintergrund 3 Kritiken 4 ...

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