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Google News: Low-carbon vehicle champion honoured at industry awards

[Plastics & Rubber Weekly] - Greg Archer, managing director of the LowCVP, said: “We're delighted to acknowledge the part played by Andy across the LowCVP community. He has worked ceaselessly for the wider transport sector, in particular for the LowCVP since its inception in

Confusion over eco-vehicles prompts marketing revision
[] - Greg Archer, managing director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, commented on the guidelines: "Consumers need to believe in marketing messages if they are to accept and adopt lower carbon options. "With the increasing number of media channels

Feebates: An effective policy - LowCVP | Vehicle & Cars Carbon ...
The LowCVP Managing Director Greg Archer will chair the webinar. Space in the webinar is limited so please reserve your Webinar seat now by clicking here. Title: Feebates: An effective policy tool for driving low carbon vehicle adoption ...