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) › event › session › contribution › material › slides › 0.pdfBayesian LSS Inference - Indico
Jens Jasche,. Florent Leclercq, Guilhem Lavaux and Benjamin Wandelt. Trieste, 14 Mai INFERRING PAST AND PRESENT COSMIC STRUCTURES. › event › timetableCoSyne: Cosmological Synergies in the upcoming decade (9 ...
Amandine Guillemois (IAP), Benjamin Wandelt (IAP), François R. Bouchet (IAP), Guilhem Lavaux (Institut d'Asrophysique de Paris / CNRS), ... › physics-astronomy › newsAstrophysicists create 3D master map of the universe | Physics ...
... of Waterloo's Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Dr. Guilhem Lavaux of the Institute d'Astrophysique de Paris of the Centre national ... › news-storyWaterloo astrophysicists help create detailed 3D The Record
... and French researcher Guilhem Lavaux, the group compiled over a decade's worth of data from telescopes on opposite ends of the planet.
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