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Kim Jong-il: Team America film references trend on Twitter in wake of death

[Telegraph.co.uk] - Among the popular phrases included “Team America”, “Hans Brix” – in reference to another character, the former UN Weapons Inspector Hans Blix, who was said by Jong-il that he was "breaking my ----s" – and “So Ronery”. It was one of many good natured

Google News: Wars of Decline: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya

[Open Democracy] - Instead, UN weapons inspectors, led by Hans Blix, returned to Iraq and reported increased (though far from complete) Iraqi cooperation and disclosure of information. Yet Bush and Tony Blair rejected Blix's findings and, despite failing to secure a

Spiegel.de: Former IAEA Head Hans Blix: 'Iran Won't Simply Sit There and Accept...

Hans Blix is the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and also worked as a UN weapons inspector in Iraq. He talks to SPIEGEL about whether...

Why invading Iraq was a terrible mistake - CNN

· Hans Blix: Iraq War was a terrible mistake and violation of U.N. charter
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