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This Valentine's Day we look back at the never boring romantic ...

13.02.2008 The delicious but deceptive Indries Moomji (IRON MAN v1 #163) kicked him to the curb, where he found hottie—and former flame of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil—Heather Glenn (IRON MAN v1 #171) and together they found libation and ...

Daredevil: The Man Without Love? | Daredevil | News | Marvel.com

02.03.2008 Heather Glenn During the storyline that first introduced Elektra, Daredevil had a little relationship going with wealthy heiress, Heather Glenn. Heather cheated on Matt again and again and the two broke up a few times, only to ...

Top 5 Comics: Blast from the Past: Daredevil #220

08.02.2012 It revolves around Matt getting multiple phone calls from his ex-girlfriend, Heather Glenn, where she tells him that she's in trouble. Heather's need for Matt is palpable, as is her unstable mindset when she reveals that she has ...

Images Degrading Forever: You never finish being a student of life ...

19.01.2012 ... people have to deal with to some degree - as well as the ongoing run of Frank Miller Klaus Janson Daredevil "Some enchanted evening" in which Foggy Nelson and Heather Glenn have a Romantic evening - or do they?