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Guardian: Kissinger's Downing Street lunch that never was

[The Guardian] - His name was Henry Kissinger and he had flown over to talk about Vietnam and other urgent international matters. No 10 sent out a list of those who had met Kissinger in London – the prime minister, Edward Heath, the foreign secretary

Google News: Perry Anderson on the Chinese Invasion of Vietnam

[National Review Online (blog)] - By Reihan Salam Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Perry Anderson's latest review essay in the LRB is his extended discussion of the Chinese military intervention in Vietnam, which Henry Kissinger and others, including Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew

Nixon's Trip and Cronkite's Socks

[New York Times (blog)] - Winston Lord, a senior aide to Henry Kissinger, Nixon's national security adviser, said that even Mr. Kissinger knew little about China or Vietnam. “Frankly, we didn't know much about what was going on in China, as far as the full depth of the Cultural

Henry Kissinger begins secret negotiations with North Vietnamesewww.history.com › this-day-in-history › kissinger-begins-secret-negotiatio...

National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger begins secret peace talks with North Vietnamese representative Le Duc Tho, the fifth-ranking member of the Hanoi.