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Google Groups: DOS Newsreader

: Ilya Zverev ... news newusers questions Hi, Dooes

Google Groups: DVDzz

: Ilya Zverev fido7 spb cdrom Привет

Google Groups: Remote Access 2.50

: Ilya Zverev fido7 mo softexchange

Feature Proposal - Voting - Turn Lanes
Post by Ilya Zverev Just started looking at it, and I was confused by PSV (though now I know).

Re: [OSM-talk] New Logo in the Wiki
Ilya Zverev : > I guess, the old logo should remain for low zooms (favicons, for example). I agree and would go even further: the new

How to break the OpenStreetMap – Ilya Zverev | Mind's Embedded Linux...
OpenStreetMap gives many reason not to like it. When you edit OSM, changes appear immediately, there is no moderation. People like to break things, so there...

TortoiseSVN SASL error - Ilya Zverev -...
23 Oct From, Sent On, Attachments. Ilya Zverev, Oct 23, :42 am. Stefan Küng, Oct 23, :11 pm. Ilya Zverev, Oct 29, :01 am ...

Google Groups: doom2 readme.txt

: Sergey Bogdanov fido7 ru

Google Groups: Little things that I wish to be implemented in Maperitive

: Ilya Zverev ... maperitive Hi, Igor Igor On :55, Ilya

[OSM-talk] Nik4: mapnik → image
Ilya Zverev. about a year ago. Permalink. Raw Message. Report. Hi! I recently needed to create a big georeferenced image from a mapnik style file, and found ...

Re: [OSM-talk] Who Did It?
Ilya Zverev [] wrote ...

Windows Smooth Text Viewer | FileForum
1 Eintrag - Letzter Eintrag: 18. Jan Ilya Zverev. Homepage. Windows Smooth Text Viewer. Latest Changes. - Chapter list window. - Charset detection. - "Undo" feature ...

Google Groups: [OSM-talk] OrbView-3 is public domain

: Are there other ways to georectify this? On Wed, Jan 18, at 1:07 AM

Google Groups: =?KOI8-R?B?UmU6IO/H0sHOyd7FzsnFINXEwczJ09TP1y4=?=

: Ilya Zverev ... mapmaker-belarus Ä, Í Ù Å

Google Groups: TortoiseSVN sasl error

: ... tortoisesvn ilya zverev wrote: on server, this command

[OSM-talk] Early History of OSM
2 years ago. Permalink. Raw Message. > Il giorno 25/ago/2014, alle ore 12:55, Ilya Zverev <zverik at> ha scritto: > > Thanks, here is the map for August  ...

[jira] Commented: (HIVEMIND-200) Hivemind configuration injection always produces a List Ilya Zverev (JIRA) [jira] Created: (HIVEMIND-199) Maven skin updates Johan Lindquist (JIRA)

Google Groups: [OSM-talk] Yahoo Imagery

: Ilya Zverev ... openstreetmap-talk Hi! A month ago we said bye to

Google Groups: [OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap in schools

: Ilya Zverev ... openstreetmap Recently there were three mapping

Google Groups: [Maperitive] Re: Out of memory on simple ruleset, but ok on ...

: Igor Ilya Zverev I've installed new version at home

OpenStreetMap Interview: Ilya Zverev, Level0
Today in our interview series with members of the OpenStreetMap community we speak with Ilya Zverev (@ilyazver on twitter), maker of the ...

Google Groups: FIDOшники в ЛИТМО

: : | 115 | Ilya Zverev * | | 2: | 116 | Max

Google Groups: FIDOÛÎÉËÉ × ìéôíï

: : | 115 | Ilya Zverev * | | 2: | 116 | Max

Google Groups: [OSM-talk] New Logo in the Wiki

: M∡rtin Koppenhoefer ... openstreetmap-talk Ilya

Ilya Zverev – OpenStreetMap Chile
(Traducción del Weekly OSM Summary #93 y #94 por Pascal y Dennis) Desde el 7 de Abril al 5 de Mayo de Un resumen de todas las ...

Google Groups: [Strategic] New tile layers

: Ilya Zverev ... openstreetmap Hi! The page http://wiki.

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