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NAME: Angela Merkel; OCCUPATION: Political Leader; BIRTH DATE: July 17, ... - Angela-Merkel-9406424-2-402
Angela-Merkel According to the German Chancellor Merkel, she, ... - Angela-Merkel_18
Angela Merkel AKA Angela Dorothea Kasner - angela-merkel-1
Angela-Merkel Further austerity measures unveiled by Greece have won the confidence of its EU counterparts, but any sort of financial assistance is still a ... - Angela-Merkel_17
Angela Merkel troubled by the NSA Snowden affair Image Sure, the right to data privacy should never be trivialised. However, the Social Democrats cannot ... - German-Chancellor-Angela-Merkel-1375377-e1375377456587
Germans chose Angela Merkel as their first female Chancellor because they ... - angela_merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sought an explanation from the White House after being told the US had tapped her phone. Photo: AP - art-Angela-Merkel-Phone-777220981-620x349
Angela Merkel oversees Europe's largest economy. - angela-merkel-3
US officials have today reacted to widespread criticism of the revelations that the NSA spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, including allegations that ... - angela_merkel
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