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Edward Snowden. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie - Edward_Snowden_2013-10-9_(1)_(cropped)
Edward Snowden - edward-snowden
DailyTech - NSA Employees Gave Edward Snowden Login Credentials, Passwords - Edward-Snowden
20 May Edward Snowden, an employee of defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton at the National Security Agency, arrives in Hong Kong from Hawaii. - Edward-Snowden-008
Intel Heads: Edward Snowden Did 'Profound Damage' to U.S. Security. Wed, 29 Jan 2014 - AP_Edward_Snowden_DC_121220_16x9_992
Edward Snowden. Journalism attracts whistleblowers. In fact, some reporters need whistleblowers in order to do their jobs. But there are plenty of people ... - edward-snowden
Edward Snowden, former CIA employee and former external consultant to the National Intelligence Agency (NSA), is the whistleblower who unveiled the ... - edward-snowden-interview
The NSA wants to play Let's Make a Deal with fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden.There are rumors flying about that the clandestine intelligence agency ... - Edward_Snowden_Guardian_016_900x504
Edward Snowden - I Already Won ... - Edward-Snowden-I-Already-Won
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