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A teenage girl graduating from Junior High School. Add to lightbox - cutcaster-photo-100222349-Junior-High-School-Graduate
Junior High - 4149_Junior-High_400
No, many people wouldn't post their junior high photos. - Junior High_0001
Valynne Bowers Pedo Junior High Teacher - valynne-bowers-pedo-junior-high-teacher
Junior High While it varies from district to district, junior high is viewed ... - junior-high-dec-9-2010-80
Junior High Science Projects on Musicthumbnail - junior-high-science-projects-music-800x800
Linda Nef Pedo Junior High Teacher - linda-nef-pedo-junior-high-teacher
Sometime in Junior High School. 1960-63. I had that sweater up until just a ... - 1961 Mark DiVecchio, Junior High
close-up portrait of junior high student photo - 8196959-close-up-portrait-of-junior-high-student
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