Add contacts

You can invite more users to Yasni by clicking on „Invite new contacts” in your Exposé.

Enter the names and e-mail addresses of your friends there and choose the language of the invitation e-mail. Of course, you can also customize the text of your e-mail.

There is no limit for sending invitation e-mails to your friends. They just have to create their own Exposé in order to become your contact. If invited users already have an Exposé on Yasni, the system will identify and automatically add them to your contacts.
You can monitor your invitation status of contacts in your Exposé at any time. You can also send an invitation reminder, when needed.

It is not possible to import address books or contact lists of other social networks.

You can also directly visit other users‘ Exposés and express your wish to become their contact. The Exposé owner will be informed and can now either confirm or delete your contact request.

All those who have been refused or deleted as a contact cannot add themselves as your contact anymore. But they can be added again as a contact by those, who refused or deleted it before.

Unconfirmed contacts are only visible for the Exposé owner.

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