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Guardian: Olympic torch route, day 21: Glasgow won't stand on ceremony for the flame

[The Guardian] - James Kelman, Janice Galloway, Bernard MacLaverty, Alasdair Gray, Denise Mina, Jeff Torrington … I really could go on. Anyone with an enthusiasm for new bands, country and western, folk, jazz, curry, seafood, tearooms, art galleries or strolls in the

Interview: Alan Warner, author of The Deadman's Pedal

[Scotsman] - “It was and I had been reading James Kelman's The Busconductor Hines. The reason great writers are great is that they make complex things look simple, so when I read that I thought, 'Oh this is all you do, you just explain your job'.

Guardian: A life in writing: Alan Warner

[The Guardian] - Scottish literature has flourished so much in the three decades since that disbelieving Oban moment, thanks to Gray, James Kelman, Irvine Welsh, AL Kennedy, Andrew O'Hagan, Iain Banks, Ali Smith, Kathleen Jamie, and others too numerous to mention

Our swear words have been devalued by overuse – but not because teenagers are ...

[Telegraph.co.uk (blog)] - This, you may say, is exemplified by many passages in a James Kelman novel, in which the f-word has no force because it seems only as significant as a nervous tic. It's just the way Kelman characters and many people in real life speak.
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