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Jens Joergensen | Edición impresa | EL PAÍ › Últimas
Jens Joergensen. escritor, historiador y director de un colegio de Copenhague al que asistió en los años veinte del siglo pasado el escritor de ...

BioPlus® YC boosts swine performance on energy-reduced › news › bioplus-r-yc-boosts-swine-performa...
“Feed is the greatest single, variable cost in swine production, with energy being one of the costliest components,” says Jens Joergensen, ...

Boost Swine Performance on Energy-Reduced Diets | The Pig › news › › boost-swine-performance-on-ener...
... one of the costliest components,” says Jens Joergensen, Chr. Hansen's global product manager for swine and one of the study's authors.

Miscellany, Aug. 25, TIME
Nature Lesson. In Los Angeles, Harold Bellis told a divorce court that when he accused wife Sonya of promiscuity, she retorted:.
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