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Truckies protest at Coles
[Ballarat Courier] - TWU Victorian/ Tasmanian branch assistant secretary John Berger said it was a nationwide issue that had to be dealt with immediately. He said truck driving was Australia's most dangerous industry, with a death rate many times the industrial average.

3 for HTC meet public
[Catskill Daily Mail] - In the order they will appear on the ballot, Melissa Glennon, of Tannersville, Bobbi Jo Matthews, of Haines Falls, and John Berger, of West Kill, provided attendees with their backgrounds and why they seek to be the one elected to the board.

Interview: Geoff Dyer
[The Age] - ''You can spot Dyer's antecedents and influences - Nietzsche, Roland Barthes, Thomas Bernhard, Milan Kundera, John Berger, Martin Amis - but not his literary children because his work is so restlessly various that it moves somewhere else before it can

Egipto pone en suspenso un festival literario en Gaza por la falta de permisos ...
[] - PalFest se lanzó en con el apoyo de autores como Philip Pullman, John Berger o los ya fallecidos Mahmud Darwish y Harlod Pinter para «crear lazos creativos entre Palestina y el resto del mundo». Fue concebido como un festival transeúnte que viaja
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