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Maricopa County officials identify John Doe 25 years later – Cronkite ...
Monday, Oct. 8, By Fara Illich Cronkite News. PHOENIX – For 25 years, Joella Moore wondered what became of her brother after he ran away from his family's home in Riverside, Calif., at age 16. She came to fear the worst but hoped he ...

Man admits defrauding St. Louis parking contractor
[] - 1, for “government relations interfacing and strategic planning” with someone identified in the plea document only as “John Doe.” The terms of the arrangement changed on Jan. 4, 2010, when the treasurer's office signed a contract to pay Dankar $1

Trial on schedule for Wis. John Doe defendant
[WAOW] - 5th the Soviet satellite Sputnik fell from the sky.After two years revolving around the planet, it re-entered the atmosphere over the Wisconsin Northwoods before slamming into NorthMore >>. Fifty years ago Sept. 5th the Soviet satellite Sputnik fell

Google News: Have You Hugged a Music Publicist Today?

[VICE] - What you don't see is a nice note saying "I'd like to thank 'John Doe' for sending me the new album from this band that I reviewed. Also, gosh, it was really lovely of them to put me on the guest list for that show last night!" Because 80% (if not

Google News: John Doe embezzlement trial to begin Oct. 8

[WISN Milwaukee] - John Doe embezzlement trial to begin Oct. 8. Kevin Kavanaugh charged with takign $42,000 from veterans groups. UPDATED 11:13 AM CDT Sep 07, Comments ( ). Share. Print · NEXT STORY. 2 men face charges in dog attack. Text Size: ASmall Text

Judge rules sheriff's gun trade legal
[Russellville Courier] - The recipients of the firearms, who are listed on the case file as John Doe 1, John Doe 2 and John Doe 3, “are reasonably believed to be residents of Pope County,” according to the complaint, and were asked in the complaint to return the property

CIVIL FILINGS: Kanawha County
[West Virginia Record] - Ivah M. Wilson vs. the Kroger Co.; Kroger Limited Partnership I; KRGP, Inc.; and John Doe PA- Bernard E. Layne III; J- Paul Zakaib Jr. * On June 29, 2011, Wilson was shopping in the produce section of the Kroger store in South Charleston when she

Google News: Naked Green Lake swimmer still a John Doe

[] - Seattle Police still aren't sure who they have in custody after ending a naked man's run and swim around Green Lake on Tuesday. Is he Travis Cunningham, Tyler Cunningham, or someone else? The 32-year-old man has given police several names.

Ethiopian immigrant accused of torture as prison guard ordered held
[Denver Post] - Thus started a sequence of events that brought a Denver parking lot attendant — charged officially under the name John Doe — into a federal courtroom Tuesday. Federal officials allege that John Doe, who had used the name Habteab Temanu, is in fact

'John Doe' said to be brutal prison guard
[] - Identified in a federal court hearing Tuesday only as John Doe, the man is believed to be Kefelegn Alemu Worku, a high-ranking guard at the "Higher 15" prison in the late 1970s, The Denver Post reported. Doe was spotted in May at an Aurora, Colo.

Aaron Broussard files defamation suit against NOLA commenter ...
[] - Since John Doe, rather than Perricone, is the named defendant, it doesn't appear that Perricone must respond immediately. Attached to the suit is a subpoena, addressed to New Orleans Net LLC, the corporate vessel for, that directs the website

Kavanaugh veteran embezzlement hearing is Friday
[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog)] - Five felony charges against Kavanaugh filed in January grew from a secret John Doe investigation into appointees and associates of Walker's. Kavanaugh faces up to 60 years in prison and $75,000 in fines if convicted on all counts. Comments (7) View

Movie producers looking for 800 extras for scene shot in Louisville
[WAVE] - "Pleased to Meet Me" will star John Doe of the legendary punk group "X", actor and Grammy -winning musician Loudon Wainwright, III. Renowned singer-songwriter and actress Aimee Mann will also be featured in the film. Click here to let the filmmakers

Google News: Another Question For The DA

[Newsradio 620 (blog)] - We're still waiting for the Milwaukee District Attorney's Office to explain why one of his John Doe prosecutors used his personal email -- rather than a subpoena -- to file an Open records request recently. There's got to be a reasonable explanation

Princeton couple blames Halliburton for injuries
[West Virginia Record] - An unknown person, called John Doe, also was named as a defendant in the suit. On Oct. 5, 2011, Rickie Lee Durham, was dispatched by ACME Truck Lines to the Halliburton facility in Carmichaels, Pa., to pick up a load of goods and equipment for delivery

Man sues Appalachian Power for electric shock
[West Virginia Record] - Asplundh Tree Expert Co. and John Doe, an employee of Asplundh, were also named as defendants in the suit. On Aug. 11, 2010, after a thunderstorm had moved through the area, Roger E. Elkins went to an outbuilding on his residential property where he

New Jersey man files suit over attack in PPL Park parking lot
[Delaware County Daily Times] - “Defendant John Doe struck plaintiff in the right eye with a glass bottle causing plaintiff to fall to the ground” where he was subsequently stabbed with the remains of the bottle six times “in the face, neck chest and torso,” the suit states. In

Ghost buster
[News24] - He introduced himself as John Doe and he was residing in South Africa but only during the winter months while in the summer months he would return to his home in Thurso, Northern Scotland. He was a mechanical engineer by occupation. His main interest

Jerry Sandusky victim 'John Doe C.' sues Penn State
[Newsday] - In the lawsuit, Victim 1 is known as "John Doe C." The suit draws heavily from court testimony, grand jury investigations and Penn State's own investigative report, conducted by former FBI director Louis Freeh. The report details how university

Missing Sacramento County man found in hospital
[Sacramento Bee (blog)] - He was admitted as a "John Doe" on Friday after being hit by a vehicle. Officials said he has been reunited with his family at the hospital. Perez had been last seen at 3 p.m. Friday riding his bicycle away from his residence in the block of

No results released yet in body cavity search investigation
[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] - Milwaukee County prosecutors are conducting a John Doe, an investigation in which they can compel testimony and subpoena documents without public knowledge. Simultaneously, the civilian Fire and Police Commission and the department's internal

Google News: John Doe, la fine dei giochi

[LoSpazioBianco] - Cari fan di John Doe, appassionati, nerd della serie ideata da Lorenzo Bartoli e Roberto Recchioni, propongo che intentiate una class action contro l'Aurea Editoriale, o quantomeno contro il succitato Recchioni, reo confesso autore unico della storia

Witnesses talk about convicted Old Fire arsonist's history in prison
[Inland Valley Daily Bulletin] - The cellmate, identified in court as John Doe, and Fowler were housed together 23 hours a day. The cellmate was serving a 15-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter. One day the two got into a fight, which the cellmate testified he lost. From then on

Former Missouri representative profited in St. Louis 'sham'
[] - 1, 2009, with a "John Doe." Doe would eventually receive $18,100 through Sept. 27, 2010, in that agreement, the plea says. The plea says Doe and his company "provided no services to Dankar." It also says Welch-Benson hired Doe "at the direction of the St.

In Ultra-Secretive Case, One Veil May Be Lifted
[New York Times (blog)] - John Doe was connected to a New York investment firm that was sued in by a group of people accusing it of defrauding them. Richard Roe is the lawyer who filed the suit and, in doing so, revealed that John Doe had a past that was not disclosed to

Celebrities Who Bailed On Their Partners After 15+ Years Together
[Huffington Post] - Celebrities are the population at large that we hear about when it comes to breakups (not Jane & John Doe so much unless they're our personal friends or next-door neighbors) so let's run down the list of post 50 celebs who bailed out of their

Google News: Érase una vez (VI): David Nolan

[FantasyMundo] - Este atractivo John Doe, duerme un sueño eterno desde que las asistencias médicas del lugar lo encontraron. Sin embargo, Henry cree que Mary Margaret debe establecer contacto con el desconocido. Pues ella tiene la clave de su despertar. Ya sabeís

Google News: En video: conozca el cementerio de los inmigrantes que mueren en ...

[Noticias24] - El terreno está plagado de cruces con el nombre de John Doe o Jane Doe, que son los nombres que les colocan a quienes mueren en su intento por lograr el sueño americano. Hay quienes visitan el camposanto para honrar la memoria de los fallecidos.

Of Texas Democrats and the death penalty
[Dallas Morning News (subscription) (blog)] - Our Sunday Points section yesterday published a piece on problems with eyewitness identification. Its jumping-off point was the well-documented fact that infamous suspect John Doe No. 2 in the Oklahoma City bombing was a figment of people's imagination.

Google News: Catholic Donor To Campaign Against Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban ...

[On Top Magazine] - The Minnesota campaign finance board believed that the man, now known as John Doe, could be fired if his contribution became public knowledge and on August 7 granted him anonymity, the Star-Tribune reported. “Mr. Doe argues that because his job