John Doe and Scott Walker Free People Check 

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Ongoing John Doe probe of Walker aides reaches state level
[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] - Madison - A secret probe into those around Gov. Scott Walker has continued after the June 5 recall election and expanded beyond Milwaukee County and into state government, new records show. The documents show that Milwaukee County District Attorney

New Document Shows Scott Walker Was Targeted in Criminal Investigation
The presidential candidate says he was never targeted, but a new court filing shows he was named in a search warrant over political corruption in

Federal judges question why John Doe issue is before them
The panel is mulling whether to allow prosecutors to revive their investigation into ties between Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and outside groups.

Scott Walker says he'll sign bill banning 'John Doe' probes -...
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he'll sign legislation banning so-called John Doe investigations into potential political corruption, a measure that passed...