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2012.07.19 John Gallagher, PHR GOLFERS! There is still time to register through Friday for the CSHRM Annual charitable golf outing. The outing will ta…

Karl Ramonas: Esposito rolls 299 at SL Lanes
15.08.2012 [TCPalm] - Scholarship League: Robert Conte 277; Todd Pass 685, Melissa Goodrich 264; Melissa Goodrich 592, John Gallagher 248; John Gallagher 669, Brooklyn Goodrich 202; Alisa Passanante 517. Too Hot to Golf: Jeff Strickland 279; Jeff Strickland 685, Carolyn

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2012.07.19 @philiplarkin John Gallagher Jr (who plays Jim) he appears in 'Twenty Hours in America' as a teenager who drives Josh, Donna & Toby around

Martin County notebook: Pine School diver named NISCA All ...
30.08.2012 [TCPalm] - Seniors Dakota Daniels, the Boys Bowler of the Year, Eric Gauroniak and James Steiert return along with junior John Gallagher, Ryan Lane and Ben Pauly. Roman Pedatella, a freshman who just started bowling four months ago and already is averaging 180

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2012.07.19 i love John Gallagher, Jr. Him and alison pill would have beautiful babies

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2012.07.19 John Gallagher Jr. is in The Newsroom?! #ahhhhh

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2012.07.19 #NP John Gallagher Jr. - Constance #onrepeat

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2012.07.19 And now I found a reason to watch The Newsroom. Yay John Gallagher, Jr.!!

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2012.07.19 @antoniabance - Email for more details. John Gallagher (shelter solicitor) also knows about the Dainter case

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2012.07.19 So obsessed with Jeff Daniel's charisma, Emily Mortimer's adorable accent and how cute John Gallagher, Jr. is! #Newsroom @HBO

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2012.07.19 I miss you guys @john__gallagher @SilkyJ_Lehman. We gotta kick it soon.

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2012.07.19 Just went exploring with the lehmanator . Almost got into some trouble, that shit was scary @SilkyJ_Lehman

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2012.07.19 Mini marathon to catch up! I love John Gallagher Jr.! @GetGlue #Newsroom

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2012.07.19 The only reason why I want Newsroom is because John Gallagher Jr. is part of the cast.

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2012.07.19 @JohnGallagherJr You know nothing of mice, John Gallagher.

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2012.07.19 Scrolling John Gallagher Jr tag on tumblr cause of the newsroom.This man's a cutie pie.Not to mention that he's a broadway actor too.Oh my..

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2012.07.19 @CoolYoungP thanks bro!

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2012.07.19 Photoset: › [12] glorious Broadway gentlemen — John Gallagher Jr.

Google Groups: John J. Gallagher, 77: CDC health official worked on venereal ...

29.06.2010: Additional survivors include two sons, John Gallagher of Alpharetta and Andrew

Reverse Flash Concept Art by John Gallagher - JUST MY TWO...
Reverse Flash Concept Art by John Gallagher

Wikipedia: John Gallagher (basketball) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Gallagher (born May 27, 1977) is the head men's basketball coach at the University of Hartford. Gallagher was named the tenth head coach in the history of the

Wikipedia: John Gallagher (golfer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Gallagher (born 17 April 1981) is a Scottish professional golfer on the PGA EuroPro Tour. In April 2009 he earned full tour playing privileges when he shot a

Wikipedia: John Gallagher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Gallagher may refer to: John Gallagher, Jr. (born 1984), American actor and musician John Gallagher III, American astronomer John Gallagher (athlete) (born …

Director John Gallagher interview « martiniproductionsnyc
13.07.2012 Prolific Director and Producer John Gallagher ( takes time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. Jessica Mazo interviews.

Exclusive Interview: John Gallagher Jr. Talks 10 C…FIELD LANE ...

John Gallagher Jr.: I checked my email one day, and saw that my agent had sent me a script to take a look at. The working title was Valencia, ...

Brie Larson and John Gallagher Jr. Talk SHORT TERM 12 | Collider
Brie Larson and John Gallagher Jr. Talk SHORT TERM 12, How Things Changed From Script to Screen, Winning at SXSW, and More. SHORT TERM 12 interview

John Gallagher Jr. Worries He's Being Catfished In "The Heart Machine"
The Newsroom star plays a New Yorker concerned his online girlfriend is not what she appears to be in this trailer, exclusive to BuzzFeed...

John Gallagher - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives
Real/full name: John Gallagher Age: 43 (born Jun 17th, 1972) Place of origin: United States Gender: Male

John Gallagher Jr. On 'Newsroom' Dialogue And Staging Green Day : NPR
In addition to playing a cable news producer on Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama, Gallagher is a Tony Award-winning Broadway performer. He tells Fresh Air's Terry...

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