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IMDB Filmography: José Antonio Maldonado

Self, Episode dated 12 May 2008

IMDB Filmography: José Antonio Carrasco

Camera and Electrical Department, Cinco rostros de mujer

IMDB Filmography: José Antonio de la Loma

Writer, Golpe de mano (Explosión)

Wikipedia: Paez, Jose Antonio

José Antonio Páez Herrera (13 June – 6 May 1873) was General in Chief of the army fighting Spain during the Venezuelan Wars of Independence, in addition to becoming the President of Venezuela once it was independent of the Gran Colombia (1830–1835; 1839–1843; 1861–1863). He is considered a prime example of a 19th century South American caudillo.

Wikipedia: Pavón, José Antonio

José Antonio Pavón Jiménez or José Antonio Pavón (April 22, 1754, Casatejada, Cáceres, Spain – 1840, Madrid) was a Spanish botanist known for researching the flora of Peru and Chile (such as Gongora) during an expedition under Carlos III from to During the reign of Carlos III, three major botanical expeditions were sent to the New World; Pavón and Hipólito Ruiz López were the botanists for the first of these expeditions, to Peru and Chile.

Wikipedia: Jose Zacarias Antonio

José Zacarías Antonio Beletzuy (born 15 March 1982) is a Guatemalan football midfielder who currently plays for Deportivo Coatepeque of the Guatemalan second division.

IMDB Filmography: José Antonio Félez

Producer, Gordos - Die Gewichtigen

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Saravia

José Antonio Saravia, José Antonio Sarabia, (Villanueva del Fresno, Spain, Resident in Russia since about General of the Russian Army Kamianets-Podilskyi, now in Ukraine, 2 April 1871), was General Inspector of the Russian Military Academies under the Tsars Nikolai I and Alexander II. He married at Kremenetz, now Kamianets-Podilskyi, Larisa Ivanovna, losing there three children and his wife.

Wikipedia: José Antonio Dorado

José Antonio 'Chechu' Dorado Ramírez (born 10 July in Córdoba, Andalusia) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Villarreal CF in Segunda División, as a central defender.

Wikipedia: José Antonio Dávila

Dr. José Antonio Dávila (October 7, – December 4, 1941) was a well-known poet during Puerto Rico's postmodern era of poetry.

IMDB Filmography: José Antonio García

Sound Department, Marvel's The Avengers

IMDB Filmography: José Antonio de la Guerra

Set Decorator, Campanadas a medianoche

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Aguirre

José Antonio Aguirre (1799–1860) ("Don Antonio") was a merchant and rancher in Alta California, an early settler of San Diego and Santa Barbara, California. "Jose Antonio Aguirre", San Diego History Center Online Resources

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Aguirre

José Antonio Aguirre y Lecube (6 March – 22 March 1960) was a political figure of the Basque Nationalism, the first president of the Basque Autonomous Community, from to

IMDB Filmography: José Antonio Durán

Director, Una historia criminal

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Balseiro

José Antonio Balseiro (March 29, in Córdoba – March 26, in Bariloche) was an Argentine physicist.

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Casilla

José Antonio Casilla Cortés (born August 29, in Reus, Tarragona) is a Spanish volleyball player who represented his native country at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. There he finished ninth place with the Men's National Team.

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Culebras

José Antonio Culebras Arenas (born 16 January in Puertollano, Ciudad Real) is a Spanish footballer who plays as a central defender.

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Murgas

José Antonio Murgas was a Colombian politician. Murgas was Minister of Work and Social Security under the presidency of Misael Pastrana by Decree 739 of April 17, replacing Crispin Villazon de Armas. Murgas was also appointed Governor of the Department of Cesar between August 22, and June 17,

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio Salcedo

General José Antonio Salcedo y Ramírez, "Pepillo" ( ) was born in Madrid, Spain to creole parents of Spanish heritage who had been born in Santo Domingo, and moved to Spain in the year

Wikipedia: Jose Antonio del Busto Duthurburu

José Antonio del Busto Duthurburu (August 21, December 25, 2006) was a Peruvian historian.

IMDB Filmography: José Antonio 'Potro' Farías

Composer, Un baúl lleno de miedo

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