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Joseph DiBernardo – CBS New York
Joseph DiBernardo. Sponsored By. FDNY, Supporters Commemorate Firefighters Lost On 'Black Sunday'A memorial mass was held Saturday to mark the 10th ...

FDNY 'Black Sunday' Is Marked, Set New Safety-Rope Training | News d b1d.html
Ten years after his son was critically injured in a fire that would later claim his life, Fire Deputy Chief Joseph DiBernardo Jan. 23 announced an ...

FDNY's Jeff Cool lives with pain, memories from 'Black Sunday' jeff
The Joseph DiBernardo Foundation has raised $100,000 to equip fire departments with the rope and harness system. Cool, who is married ...

‘Black Sunday’ firefighters awarded $183M by jury
Firefighter Joseph DiBernardo, whose heels and feet were crushed by the impact, died six years later from the physical and psychological toll of ...