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Google News: Chocolate for Cancer Protection Gets Our Attention

[EmpowHer] - That's the message from blogger Kate Murphy on the FightColorectalCancer website, where she cautioned that the sugar and fat content of chocolate should continue to make it just an occasional treat, despite the known benefits of polyphenols in foods

Jimmy Wales

[New York Times] - This is really exciting because at that price point, hundreds of thousands and soon millions of smartphones are going to be sold across Africa. The impact for people's access to knowledge in some very difficult places is enormous. Kate Murphy is a

Google News: Remington Elementary School raises $302 for American Cancer Society

[Herkimer Evening Telegram] Cyan Eaton, Brianna Lynch, Reyann Steacy, Rachel Ellard, Hannah Morey, Alexya Bicknell, Andrew Perry, Morgan Grescheck, Noelle Maltais, Jasmine Curless, Miranda Tyo, Anaya Sumanasuriya, Kate Murphy, Breonna Buchanan and Andrea Maltais.

Google News: Leggo's sends Valentine's Day love songs in Facebook campaign

[MuMbrella] - Leggo's senior brand manager Kate Murphy said in a press release: “Leggo's Personalised Lovesongs is a fun way for us to share the love on Valentine's Day and ties in beautifully to the warmth and romance that is at the heart of this campaign.
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