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Twitter Posts: Matthew Sirek (MDSirek)

2012.06.25 RT @JasonLeopold: SecDef Leon Panetta has signed off on Omar Khadr's transfer out of GTMO but Canada has yet to process the paperwork

Twitter Posts: Jeremy Scott (melchizodok)

2012.06.25 Who did Panetta seek approval 4 the hit from?.........RT @MrSwagMoore5: @melchizodok @johnloony Leon Panetta deserves more credit than Obama

Twitter Posts: Moore Zack (MrSwagMoore5)

2012.06.25 @melchizodok @johnloony Leon Panetta deserves more credit than Obama

Twitter Posts: Swyro Notifications (SwyroNotify)

2012.06.25 Sick Beard: Download Finished: 60 Minutes - 44x37 - Subversive, Satirical, and Sold Out; Leon Panetta;Angelina Jolie

Twitter Posts: Jason Leopold (JasonLeopold)

2012.06.25 SecDef Leon Panetta has signed off on Omar Khadr's transfer out of GTMO but Canada has yet to process the paperwork

Twitter Posts: Brother Johnf (Brotherjohnf)

2012.06.25 New post: Leon Panetta Get Your Head Out of the Saudi Princes’ Arse

Twitter Posts: Moment Of Truth (Aaleexaanddraaa)

2012.06.25 Imagine un jour ton boss c'est Leon Panetta !

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Twitter Posts: Gerald Steverson (ComradeThead)

2012.06.24 60 Republican lawmakers send letter to Leon Panetta accusing the U.S. Air Force of being “hostile to religion".

Twitter Posts: Ranger Coffee (rangercoffee)

2012.06.24 True, junior leaders can and should "stop" #veteransuicide...that's leadership. Only senior leaders and policy...

Twitter Posts: fishinsam

2012.06.24 @cspanwj Saudi Arabia: America's Worst Ally? . . . . .see Leon Panetta air-kiss a Saudi Prince.

Twitter Posts: Pierre Baudry (Pierre_Baudry)

2012.06.24 El jefe del Pentágono, Leon Panetta, expresó su profunda preocupación por la enorme tasa de suicidios que sufren...

Twitter Posts: Psicología Oph (PsicologiaOph)

2012.06.24 Suicidios entre las tropas americanas.

Twitter Posts: Slic Nic (SlicNic5150)

2012.06.24 Panetta: Junior leaders can stop suicides - Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Times @IAVA

Google Groups: [SindhTalk] us cia, leon panetta, osama bin laden, alan & cindy ...

11.06.2009: mansoor hallaj ... sindhtimes us cia, leon panetta, ... leon panetta, 19th director of the us central intelligence agency leon e. panetta, ...

Wikipedia: Leon Panetta - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Biografía . Leon Panetta nació en Monterey, California. Sus padres fueron Carmelina Maria Prochilo y Carmelo Frank Panetta, inmigrantes italianos de ...

Wikipedia: Leon Panetta - Wikipedia

EN) The Panetta Institute for Public Policy. URL consultato il 26 settembre 2009. ^ (EN) Lacey Williams, Sharon Davis, Leon Panetta to Speak at ...

Wikipedia: Leon Panetta – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

↑PAP, arb: Leon Panetta zaprzysiężony - może objąć rządy w Pentagonie., 1 lipca 2011. [dostęp 2013-01-09]. ↑ Leon Panetta ...

Leon E. Panetta - SourceWatch
See how you compare to Leon Panetta; External articles. Timothy J. Burger and Jeff Bliss, "Panetta Got $831,500 in ‘08 Speaking, Director Fees (Update1) ... Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions

Leon E. Panetta (born 1938) served in the House of Representatives for 16 years before President Bill Clinton appointed him director of the Office of ...

Leon Panetta denies Seymour Hersh on bin Laden raid -
12.05.2015 · (CNN)Former CIA Director Leon Panetta says investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is wrong. Panetta discredits Hersh's report published in the ...

Nhân quyền: Rào cản hay cơ hội ?
Nhân quyền: Rào cản hay cơ hội ? Vũ Đức Khanh và Lê Quốc Tuấn Các nhà quan sát cho rằng từ đầu năm 2012 đến nay, quan hệ Việt-Mỹ thực sự bắt đầu nóng dần lên theo dòng thời gian. Chỉ mới cách đây chưa đầy hai tuần, hôm 3/6, Bộ trưởng Quốc phòng Hoa Kỳ Leon Panetta vừa có chuyến thăm ‘lịch sử’ đ ...

Google Groups: TWA 800: What Does Leon Panetta Know About TWA 800

09.01.2009: At Leon Panetta’s confirmation hearing, some bold senator just might want to ask the presumptive CIA chief what happened to the videotape. ...

Wikipedia: レオン・パネッタ - Wikipedia

レオン・エドワード・パネッタ ( 英語: Leon Edward Panetta 、 1938年 6月28日 - )は、 アメリカ合衆国 の 政治家 ...

Leon Panetta : NPR
Leon Panetta

Greg and "Alan": Kate Middleton Supporters from 1986
11.01.2014 - (definitely), Daniel, Barak Obama, Middletons, and I think James Cartright (or Leon Panetta) were standing there with, I think

Leon Panetta Flouts CIA Review Board Over $3 Million Book Deal,...
Former CIA director Leon Panetta, in what appears to be a violation of the secrecy agreement that requires all past and present CIA employees to submit any...

Google Groups: Common sense from Leon Panetta

10.01.2007: Richard Steinberger ... OutOfBand Panetta: Why the Bush 'Surge' Won't Work Leon Panetta, a member of the Iraq Study Group, says advocates of the ...

Leon Panetta: great pick | Later On
6 Jan 2009 ... I heartily endorse the pick of Leon Panetta to head the CIA for reasons shown below. Dianne Feinstein, who is very often on the wrong side ...

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