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Video & Audio Leon Panetta

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BlinkX Video: Obama Defends Leon Panetta

President-elect Obama: "I think that he is one of the finest public servants." - 01.06.2009, ABCNews

BlinkX Video: House demands apology from Panetta

July 9: Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., discusses CIA director Leon Panetta's statement that Congress had no knowledge of a CIA program in operation since 2001. (Other) - 07.09.2009, MSNBC

Obama & Leon Panetta Surrender U.S Sovereignty to International Law -... Leon Panetta Seeks International Permission for US Military Action Def...

Maddow: Leon Panetta, Clintonites "Stepping on President Obama's...
MADDOW: Now that he's out and working for a global strategy firm that's essentially the Hillary Clinton campaign in exile, now he's flying the same exact...

Leon E. Panetta |
Leon E. Panetta c. March 21, 2004 - Present Director, Panetta (Leon and Sylvia) Institute-Videos: 13 c. January 1, 2008 - Present Co-Chair, Committee for a ...

BlinkX Video: Obama Names Panetta for CIA

President-elect Barack Obama has introduced his choices for CIA chief - Leon Panetta - and national intelligence director - retired Adm. Dennis Blair. - 01.10.2009, EbruNews

BlinkX Video: Panetta slams Cheney

June 15: Mother Jones Magazine’s David Corn and Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff discuss CIA chief Leon Panetta’s accusation that former Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticisms... - 06.15.2009, MSNBC

BlinkX Video: Obama taps Leon Panetta for CIA Director

Download | Play Download | Play Today President-elect Obama threw the political world a curveball and chose former California Congressman Leon Panetta to head the Central... - 01.06.2009, PyroTV

ARREST Leon Panetta - YouTube
Panetta believes that he can take our country to war without approval from Congress. This was recently proved before a congressional hearing about Syria. Dig...

BlinkX Video: CIA Director Leon Panetta: At Most 50 to 100 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

"I think the estimate on the number of Al Qaeda is actually relatively small. At most, we're looking at 50 to 100, maybe less. It's in that vicinity. There's no question that the... - 06.27.2010, YouTube

BlinkX Video: Mixed Reaction to Panetta, Blair Appointments

Intelligence analysts mull the appointments of Leon Panetta and Dennis Blair to head the nation's top intelligence agencies. - 01.06.2009, PBS

BlinkX Video: 9/11 Truth: Leon Panetta Will Cover Up Torture

9/11 Truth: Leon Panetta Will Cover Up Torture - 02.07.2009, Blip

Leon Panetta on the World's Oceans
Leon Panetta speaks about protecting the world's oceans in this video interview.

BlinkX Video: A Conspirators Den of Iniquity

Author: Added: 08/29/2009 Duration:658.68 Hon. James David Manning, PhD speaks about Eric Holder, Bill O'Reilly, Brian Ross, Leon Panetta. This message comes... - 08.29.2009, ATLAHWorldwide

BlinkX Video: Senate Confirms Panetta As CIA Director

The Senate has confirmed former Rep. Leon Panetta to run the CIA. Panetta's nomination sailed through the chamber by a voice vote. - 02.13.2009, Webcastr

BlinkX Video: Panetta On Iraq Plan

Only On The Web: Leon Panetta, a Democrat who was a member of the Iraq Study Group, gives his opinion on the change in strategy on the War in Iraq. - 02.12.2009, CNET

#LeonPanetta - YouTube
Leon Edward Panetta ist ein US-amerikanischer Politiker und war vom 1. Juli 2011 bis 27. Februar 2013 der Verteidigungsminister der Vereinigten Staaten. Dies...

Panetta: ISIS Intends to Attack Our Homeland - 'Make No Mistake About...
Panetta: 'Make No Mistake About it' ISIS Intends to Attack Our Homeland

BlinkX Video: Panetta On Iraq Plan

Only On The Web: Leon Panetta, a Democrat who was a member of the Iraq Study Group, gives his opinion on the change in strategy on the War in Iraq. - 04.12.2008, Submission

BlinkX Video: Panetta vs. Cheney

June 15: CIA director Leon Panetta accused former Vice President Dick Cheney of playing dangerous politics with the way he is criticizing President Barack Obama on the issue of... - 06.16.2009, MSNBC

BlinkX Video: NEWSMAKER - Peter Hoekstra on Leon Panetta

Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) discusses Leon Panetta's performance as CIA director and what he has done to keep up spirits within the organization. - 05.19.2009, Webcastr

O'Reilly: Next Step In Benghazi Investigation: Panetta Must Testify...
BILL O'REILLY: [then-CIA Director Leon] Panetta met with Mr. Obama in the White House shortly after the attack. Incredibly, Leon Panetta has not been directly...

BlinkX Video: Ex-agent criticized Panetta

Ex CIA agent Michael Scheuer talks with Heidi Collins about why he is against the nomination of Leon Panetta. - 01.06.2009, CNN

BlinkX Video: Obama names top spies

Obama nominated Leon Panetta as CIA director, and retired Adm. Dennis Blair to oversee all U.S. spy agencies as director of national intelligence. - 01.09.2009, ReutersFDP

Panetta: Obama Paris No-Show 'Mistake,' 'Missed Opportunity' -...
Panetta: Slams Obama’s Paris No-Show 'Mistake, Missed Opportunity'

BlinkX Video: It Hurts This Country

CIA Director Leon Panetta comments on the political war of words between Nancy Pelosi and his agency - 05.19.2009, StarPulse

BlinkX Video: Chiefs of Staff on Presidential Transition and Campaign Promises pt1

November 09, 2008 C-SPAN Leon Panetta and Ken Duberstein spoke about the presidential transition process, challenges posed by formulating a new cabinet, and the role of the White... - 11.10.2008, GoogleVideo

BlinkX Video: Panetta pledges partnership with Congress

Feb. 5: Leon Panetta pledges a stronger working relationship with the Senate Intelligence Committee in his confirmation hearing to lead the CIA. (MSNBC) - 02.05.2009, MSNBC

BlinkX Video: Sam's Take on Burris, Panetta

ABC's Sam Donaldson says yes to Roland Burris, but no to Leon Panetta. - 01.06.2009, ABCNews

BlinkX Video: Panetta: No comment

Former Clinton staffer Leon Panetta declines to comment on rumors that he is Obama's pick to head the CIA. - 01.06.2009, CNN

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