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Graham to Trump Stop the 'fbombs'
01.05.2011 [Politico (blog)] - Lindsey Graham thinks Americans want to put on their ears when Donald Trump drops "f"-bombs in his public appearances. The South Carolina Republican said Sunday that while The Donald has "a lot to offer" and "a lot to be proud of," his recent behavior

Sunday talk show tip sheet
29.04.2011 [Politico] - Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who's mulling a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. And ABC's “This Week” has House Budget Committee Chairman Paul (R-Wis.) and David Stockman, who was a budget director in the

Congress turns against Pakistan
03.05.2011 [Politico] - Lindsey Graham (RS.C.), top Republican on a Senate subcommittee responsible for doling out foreign aid. “One thing that's just not an option to me is to sever ties – that to me is a formula for a failed state.” The dilemma facing lawmakers is stark.

John McCain, Lindsey Graham: Mitt Romney will win Michigan ...
26.02.2012 John McCain and Lindsey Graham said on Sunday they don't expect a brokered Republican National Convention and expect Mitt Romney will do well Tuesday in the presidential primaries in Michigan and Arizona. “I think ...