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Mabrouk El Mechri -
Mabrouk El Mechri biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more...

Bruce Willis Stars in ‘The Cold Light of Day’ - The New York Times
Sep 07, · In “The Cold Light of Day,” directed by Mabrouk El Mechri, a vacation off the coast of Spain turns deadly for a C.I.A. officer, played by Bruce Willis ...

France's Les Films du Kiosque Board Bedos, El Mechri's Next › film › news › berlinale frances-les-...
France's Les Films du Kiosque Board Nicolas Bedos', Mabrouk El ... on “Masquarade,” and will produce Mabrouk El Mechri's “Kung Fu Zohra.”.

Relief for parched plants | The Scientist Magazine®
Heat and drought are wreaking havoc on the world's crops, but scientists are engineering plants that may be able to survive such harsh conditions
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