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Location: Florida / Christian (former atheist), Husband, Father, Grandfather, Martial Arts Instructor, Apologist ... In Love With Jesus Christ!

Mark McGee - Who | Ratio Christi
Mark's life motto is - "Loved by God, Saved by Grace, Blessed Beyond Measure." Mark was an atheist until he became a Christian in after researching the truth claims of Christianity. Mark became involved in apologetics soon after becoming a Christian. He studied Bible and Theology at Luther Rice College and  ...

Mark McGee, Author at Christian Apologetics Alliance
Ezekiel is known as one of Israel's greatest prophets, but how good was he really ? His prophecies against Israel's enemies were specific, so how did Ezekiel do? How many did he get right and how many did he get wrong? In recent studies we have looked at archaeological discoveries that support claims that Ezekiel ...