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CSSF Category Winners in › History › graphics › pic_j10
... B. Gravem (First Place), Jeremy B. Reff (Second Place), David M. Poulsen (Third Place), Kevin S. Sinclair (Honorable Mention), and Mary Horwitz (presenter).

David Dierkes. Kathy Foresman. Janis Fries. Betty Goran. Larry Graves. Karen Graves. Renee Hartstein. Mary Horwitz. Ann Irving. Cheryl Judd.

CSSF Category Winners in 1996
... A. Shapiro (First Place), Natalie H. Hwang (Second Place), Amy E. Herbig (Third Place), Galen A. Hollins (Honorable Mention), and Mary Horwitz (presenter).

Las Madrinas Is Introduced to 19 Debs - Los Angeles Times
Las Madrinas, support group for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, completed its $1.5-million endowment last year for the Las Madrinas Program of Molecular...
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