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Cyber Risks Threaten Freight | Go By Truck Global News
Cyber security should be a major concern for motor carriers.

Gauging the Growing Cyber Threat to Trucking | ProgramBusiness
Cyber risk is a major and fast-increasing threat to businesses with cyber-crime alone costing the global economy approximately $445 billion a year and...

Fleet Owner Magazine- Gauging the Growing Cyber Threat to Trucking |...
Descartes’ Matt Foroughi, Vice President of Internet Security is quoted in Sean Kilcarr’s online article “Gauging the Growing Cyber Threat to Trucking.” Matt...

MapForums Newsletter - MP2K Magazine
MapPoint object initialization fails in ASP.NET 2.0, dawa, Mappoint slowness on dual processor/dual core machines, Matt Foroughi, MappointControl compatible ? marcick, "invalid argument; input argument 'latitude' is not a valid 'float' value"
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