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Guardian: South Sudan set to showcase its foreign investment potential

[The Guardian] - Rajiv Shah, head of the US aid agency USAid, said the conference is an opportunity for the government of South Sudan to lay out its vision for the future of its economy. The event, he said, would allow for "direct dialogue and engagement with the

Guardian: USAid chief: why spending taxpayers' dollars on development is the right thing ...

[The Guardian (blog)] - So it was very cheering to hear Rajiv Shah, head of the US agency for international development, USAid, talking at a dinner in Harvard on Thursday night, explaining why he thought his country should continue to fund global health.

Google News: USAID Swears In New Mission Director For Kosovo

[IEWY News] - The oath was administered by USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah. As Mission Director for Kosovo, Shauket will oversee USAID's effort to help Kosovo become a stable, democratic, and economically viable country within Europe.

Guardian: Africa is on the move, says Blair

[The Guardian (blog)] - Founder of the Africa Governance Initiative, Blair performed a double act with Rajiv Shah, the head of the US agency for international development, USAid, at the fourth high-level forum on aid effectiveness. Even the news that China is refusing
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