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Google News: Attack of the super-Pacs

:57:47 [Financial Times] – “Fasten your seat belts – this is going to be one of the most polarising elections of our lifetime,” says Michael Toner, a lawyer and Republican, and a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “The primary season is just a warm-up for these

Google News: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Campaign Money Helped Fund Trip

:06:51 [Roll Call (subscription)] – “Campaign funds can be used for officeholder expenses and FEC regulations make clear that's permissible,” said Michael Toner of Wiley Rein. “But it would be up to the [Congressional] ethics committees to decide what are bona fide official expenses.

Google News: PRÉSIDENTIELLE AMÉRICAINE - Les milliardaires s'invitent dans la campagne

:59:36 [Courrier International] – Les électeurs, eux, vont devoir s'habituer à l'implication des super-PAC, souligne Michael Toner, ex-président de la Commission électorale fédérale. “Les super-PAC s'institutionnalisent de plus en plus, et ils sont là pour rester, dit-il.

SF man to challenge gun licence snub

:12:20 [U.TV] – On Friday, Michael Toner was granted leave to seek a judicial review of the refusal of his application for a firearms certificate. A judge was told he has never been arrested and has received a character reference from Deputy First Minister Martin
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